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From Dion Houston 2 May 2010]]

Crumrine [1] states that a "David Hoge" - a native of Cumberland County - was a prominent land owner as of 1771. He later sold his property to his sons John and William. In the biographical history of Jane Prall [2] it states that she is the daughter of Ann Huston, the daughter of William Huston with a description and children list matching that of William of Catfish Camp.

This Ann Huston apparently at least had a child by John Hoge, as Mordecai Hoge is described as the half-brother of Jane, and his father is John. I think it is highly unlikely that this could be anyone other than John Hoge the son of David, as the Huston's lived not far from them.

The reason this is significant is that in [3] a family of Hoge's is described that includes a David, the son of a John who lived in Cumberland County, the oldest son of a William who took all of his children except John to Virginia. The presumption is that there were few Hoge's living in Cumberland County at least in the 1700's.

Now, I found another source [4] who has verbiage of a Samuel Houston living in Cumberland County whose will was at least witnessed by, and probably written by a Jonathan Hoge in 1784 who was a justice of the peace. Source [3] probably indicates the Jonathan was David's brother.

I think there's a good chance that Samuel Huston's family is kin with William of Catfish Camp and James Huston, based on the fact that James Huston testified to be born in Cumberland County, was near David Hoge and children in Washington Borough, and David's brother obviously lived at least relatively near to Samuel Huston.


Image:Hypothetical Family Relation between William Huston and David Hoge.jpg

See person:David Hoge (1) for information on his line.


A David Hoge, presumed to be the fatherinlaw of Ann Huston, owned property in E. Pennsboro Cumberland county, PA, by 1762. This land was patented by Jonathan Hoge in 1811. [See:PA Archives] Since a Jonathan Hoge is believed to be the brother of David, it seems likely that this is the same family. By traceing adjacent property owners we may be able to use these data to see exactly where David's property lay, and from this make some educated guesses about which Houston in the area might be Ann's father.

There are three known Houston's in E. Pennsboro, at an early date: Christopher, Samuel, and James. The location of their properties are approximately known, as shown above (LimeSpot). it seems likely that William is one of their children, and that David Hoge above lived nearby.

Robert Callender

Robert Callender owned land adjacent to david Hoge in E. Pennsboro, in 1762. Callender owned a number of parcels, and looks to have been speculating in land. Links to his warrants are:

Friends Cove on Cove Creek, Near Badford.
Friends Cove, near Big Sink Hole, adjacent William Fredrigal, and William Trent, at foot of Cove Mt.
Freinds Cove, Colerain Township, Foot of Dunnings Mt, Adj. William Fredrigal, Thomas Bradshaw, John Frazer, John Hart
Head of Run into Juniata River at Canoe Pt., near Brush Mountain, Morris township, Huntingdon County, Adj. Andrew Boggs various adjacent landowners

Also owned four town lots in Carlise Town



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