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Source:Chalkley's Chronicles


person:Michael Woods (1)


Michael Woods appears in Albemarle County, VA by 1737 when

...he entered more than thirteen hundred acres on Mechum's River and Lickinghole, and the same day purchased two thousand acres patented two years before by Charles Hudson, and situated on the head waters of Ivy Creek.

Source:Woods, 1901 places him in Albemarle by 1734, but does not state on what this is based.

Where he lived prior to that is the subject of this article. According to many genealogists he came to Albemarle from Lancaster County, passing down the Great Road into Shenandoah Valley, and then traveling east to settle in Albemarle County (Then Goochland). Some state that he came to America in the 1720's, landing in Delaware. Some of his children are said to have married in what is now Cecil County Maryland. If true, this implies that he first settled in the Maryland portion of Old Chester County, and then moved westward into Lancaster, before moving south into Virginia. We'd like to document his location prior to his arrival in Albemarle.


The following item from Source:Chalkley's Chronicles, volume I, is commonly mentioned by genealogists studying the Woods family of Albemarle:

AUGUST, 1750 (C)
Samuel Smith vs. Beaty.--Mr. Michael Woods, formerly of Paxtunk, Pennsylvania. Account dated 1733. Thomas Renich, on 1st September, 1750, deposed: About 8 years ago, at his own house, he saw and spoke with said Smith and Robert Buchanan, the then Sheriff of Lancaster County. He heard Smith (then merchant at Connoy) say, &c., several accounts: Smith vs. James Cathey, 1737; Smith vs. Adam Thomson, 1736-7-8; Smith vs. William Robinson, 1739; Smith vs. Richard Woods, 1738; Smith vs. Mrs. Margaret McDowell, 1737; Smith vs. Mrs. Mary McDowell, 1737; Smith vs. Michael Woods, 1738-9; Smith vs. John Maxwell; Smith vs. Samuel Woods, 1734-5-8; Smith vs. Francis Beaty, 1735-6; Smith vs. John Christian, 1737; Smith vs. Robert Christian, 1733-4-5-6 Smith vs. Randell McDaniel; Smith vs. William Hutchinson; Smith vs. George Hutchinson. All sworn to by Samuel Smith, late of County of Lancaster, before a Justice, in Philadelphia, 13th October, 1743.

This item appears to be related to a merchant lawsuit by Samuel Smith late of Lancaster, in Philadelphia, in 1743, against various parties, at least some of whom were residing (1750), in Old Augusta. Among these is numbered "Michael Woods", who apparently contracted a debt to Smith in 1738-39.