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Transcript:Will of David Houston, Rowan NC, 1761


Person:David Houston (5)
Person:Archibald Houston (2)


Archibald Houston is listed first in the will of his father David Houston, and is probably David's eldest child. This Archibald is identified as Person:Archibald Houston (2) who married Mary Stephanson in Augusta County in 1748. This identification is based on an 1764 record (Source:Chalkley's Chronicles)

Page 668.--81st August, 1764. Archibald Huston, of Augusta, farmer, appoints Hugh Huston, of New Providence in North Carolina, farmer, attorney to recover Archibald's interest in the estate of David Huston, deceased testate. Teste: Felix Gilbert, James Thompson.

This appointment in 1764 is consistent with David's will written in 1761, and it seems clear that Archibald of Stover's Mill Creek in Augusta County is the son of David Houston of Rowan County, NC. The identity of "Hugh Huston" of New Providence has yet to be determined. He is presumably a kinsman in some degree, but not a son of David. His location in New Providence is of interest because New Providence is within the Moon Creek watershed, in the same area that John Walker III of the Wigton Walker lineage owned land about this same time. John III's wife was Ann Houston, daughter of Christopher Houston, of the Mill Creek Hundred line of Houstons. Descendants of David Houston have also been identified through YDNA analysis as in this same lineage.

Based on his own DOM of 1748, Archibald is believed to have been born no later than 1730. That implies that David and wife Mary were probably married no later than 1729, and probably born around 1700-1710.

Unconfirmed YDNA results (fide Dan Woodruff, May 2012) place Archibald in the Mill Creek Hundred Houston Lineage. Members of this lineage appeared in this general area of North Carolina at least no later than 1765. The presence of kinsman David dying in Rowan County NC in 1761 implies that the MCH were in the area much earlier than 1765. Kinsman John Walker III is believed to have arrived in the area by 1756, during the French and Indian War, and it seems likely that David was in the area by this time.

Son Archibald married Mary Stephenson in Augusta County in 1748. It seems likely that David was in this area about that time, and later moved south, leaving his eldest son Archibald and his family behind. Confirmation of the presence of David in the area prior to 1748 is needed.