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From Cecilia FabosBecker


Person:Richard Woods (1), Gentleman of Augusta Person:Richard Woods (19), Merchant of Albemarle, soninlaw of Richard (1)


In 1742 Richard Woods (1), gentleman of Augusta, secured a 595 acre tract in the forks of the James in the southeastern corner of Borden's Grant, just south of modern Legington.'

In 1750 we find that

Fifteen years later he and wife Elizabeth sold a portion of this tract to soninlaw Richard Woods

"15 March, 1757, Augusta County Court: Richard Woods, gentleman and Elizabeth of Augusta to SON-IN-LAW, Richard Wood(s--both ways in related records) for 25 pounds, 195 Acres in Forks of James where Richard, grantor, now liveth; corner in Borden's Patent Line by James Davis; corner PETER WALLACE; corner Richard Wood."

A few years later soninlaw Richard Woods, now identified as "of Albemarle, merchant, sold this parcel to Peter Wallace of Augusta.

"3. 1760, 18 November, Augusta County Court: Richard Woods of Albemarle, merchant, to PETER WALLACE in Augusta, farmer, for 60 pounds, 195 Acres [same acreage as the parcel in 1757!] in Forks of James; corner in Borden's Patent Line by James Davies' field; corner PETER WALLACE's other land; corner Richard Woods, gentleman. Deed delivered by Capt. Samuel Lapsley." </blockquote>

Between the original land acquisition by Richard Woods (1) and its sale to Richard Woods (19) a debt recovery lawsuit was filed, summarized by FabosBecker as:

"August, 1750 August County Court: (lawsuit of Smith vs. several members of Woods family related to old debts in Pennsylvania from 1733-38) accounts of credits: 1735--June 26, credit by 36 (schillings) discounted with HIS SON, RICHARD, by Michael Woods."

Michael Woods settled in Albermarle County by 1737. His will identifies several children, but does not include a Richard. Its possible that Richard was unintentionally left out of the will, but its more likely that Michael (1) did not have a son Richard. This implies that there is another Michael Woods in the area at an early date, and that that Richard (1) is in fact his son.

What is the relationship between Michael (1) and this otherwize unidentified Michael Woods?