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I have just started entering my family's information. Have looked at several getting started videos and other instructions.

I have two questions/inquires the first------need sandbox address so I can experiment there before adding as recommended, perhaps my ipad does not support that version.

second---------Some of the pages I have added for relations are in duplicate or more and would like to make just a single page not Joe Doe (3) how can I correct?

Thank you so very much. Preceding unsigned comment added by Lizbalsray

Hi Lizbalsray, welcome to WeRelate! The sandbox site is currently inaccessible, but you can experiment on the Help:Sandbox page. Some users will also create User pages to test out various functions. You can create a user page by clicking on Add in the top menu and choosing User Page.
Regarding duplicate pages, they can be merged by going to Admin>Compare Pages (instructions at Help:Merging pages). If you need further help, you can leave a message on the WeRelate talk:Support page. --Jennifer (JBS66) 18:34, 13 January 2013 (EST)