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Elias S. Bishop (1809-1859), Surveyor/Farmer

This week, WeRelate looks at the Person Page of Elias S. Bishop, born on 22 January 1809 in South Carolina, son of John and Elizabeth Bishop. He married John Richey's daughter, Mary Alise Cowan Richey and he married Mary Alise on 4 February 1828, in Jefferson County, Alabama. Bishop was a surveyor, cabinet maker, and farmer. He also operated an inn for travelers and sold his cabinet work to settlers and travelers going west. Mary Alise was a hard working wife and mother. Their home site was laid off in a square, one acre in size. All his buildings were built around the edge of this square and the well stood in the center bordered by cedar trees. He died in 11 August, 1859, and may be buried in a family cemetery near Hughes Springs. This Person Page, is a good example of the type of Page that you can add to WeRelate for your ancestors. (learn more...)