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Person: Claus L. Simon, Deli Industry Pioneer/Holocaust Survivor (1924-2001)

This week, WeRelate looks at the Person Page of Claus Leopold Simon, born 20 March 1924 in Düsseldorf, Germany, son of Emil Simon (1881-1973) and his wife Mary, both immigrants from Germany. Claus and his parents, being German Jews, suffered the horrors of the Nazi regime during World War II, and were lucky to survive. Claus was held at four Nazi concentration camps at Rivesaltes and Compiègne in France; Buchenwald and Schönebeck in Germany during the war. According to his testimony for the USC Shoah Foundation in 1996, Claus escaped German forces during a forced march between camps and was able to conceal his identity by hiding in barns, convents and monasteries until being re-captured by the Nazi's and later rescued at the Schönebeck Detachment Camp by American soldiers at the end of the war in 1945.

Claus Simon founded C.L. Simon Fine Foods, a specialty food broker that operated in Southern California for many years, and would become one of the premier brokers of cheese, meats and other specialty food products. Claus would later add a "cut and wrap" cheese operation to the company until the technology surpassed C.L. Simon's capabilities. Later, C.L. Simon would be acquired by another local Southern California broker, Bromar Southern California. This Person Page, is a good example of the type of Person Page that you can add to WeRelate for your ancestors. (learn more...)