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Frequently asked questions

What is a profile?

  • A profile gives you a place where you can tell other people about yourself and the families you are researching
  • If you want, you can even upload images
  • Profiles were formerly referred to as homepages

How do I find my profile?

  • First, if you are not yet a member, you need to join WeRelate
    • Joining takes about two minutes and costs you nothing.
  • Once you have joined, you can go to your profile by clicking on the My Relate button in the menu at the top of the page
    • Select "User Profile"
  • Alternatively, if you have signed in already, you can click on your User Name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

How do I find someone else's profile?

  • If you know their user name:
    • Click on Admin in the menu at the top of the page and select "Browse Pages"
    • On the next page, select either "Watched Pages" or "All Pages"
      • Watched Pages are those you are watching and will be informed if there is a change
      • All Pages are all the pages on WeRelate
    • Namespace: Select User
    • Title: Enter the person's user-name and click "Go"
    • This should take you to the user's profile page.
  • If you don't know their user name:
    • Click on Search in the menu at the top of the page and select "All"
    • Choose User from the Namespace drop-down box
    • Enter any information that may be posted on their profile
      • This may include a first or last name, or any surnames or places they are researching
      • Click the "Search" button and look through the returns for the desired profile

How do I create or edit my profile?

  • Click My Relate in the menu at the top of the page, and select "User Profile"
  • On the Profile Page click "Edit" in the menu on the left. You'll see two sections:

1. Surnames and/or places you are researching
This is the section used to create Surname in place pages

  • Click on "Add Surname and/or Place"
  • In the edit boxes that appear, enter a surname you are researching and in what place you are researching that name
  • Please include only one surname and/or one place on each line. You can add additional surnames and places by clicking on the Add Surname and/or Place link.
  • This will create a Surname in place page, or add a link to one that already exists, which helps you collaborate with others working on the same surnames in the same places
    • To begin, we recommend that you set the place to a state or country for Surname in place pages
    • An example of a profile page with these links User:Dallan
    • For a more detailed discussion see the Help:Surname in place help page

2. Text

  • Enter what you want to tell others about yourself and the research you are doing. This is the text that will appear on your User Profile page
  • Consider adding a User language template to your page (instructions can be found on each template).
  • You can even add an image to your page - See Images Tutorial for more information about uploading and placing your image on a page
  • It's a good idea to click on the Show preview button at the bottom of the page to see the effects of your changes
  • Don't forget to click on Save page to save your changes when you're finished

Can others edit my profile?

  • Only you can edit your profile or user pages
  • Others may leave messages for you on the talk pages associated with your Profile and User pages, but they cannot edit the pages directly
  • If you want to create a page that others can also contribute to, please create an article instead.

When will my changes start showing up in searches?

  • Your changes take effect immediately
  • The changes will not show up in Search results until the following day
    • Pages are indexed every night - so, if you created a new page, made changes to an existing page, or added new words to an existing page - the results will start showing up in searches the following day

Can I see an example?

Titles for profiles

  • The title of a profile consists of two parts:

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