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Creating a link [8 February 2010]

HI John

You asked about creating a link to one of your articles--

There's two parts to this---
1. Find where you want the link

       ----this could be inside the text in another article, or as I suspect, in the Bibliography for the Cowan tapestry.
a. Go to the page where you want the link (e.,g. go to Bibliography:Cowan---the full url for this page is [:]
b. Open it for editing
c. Find where on the page you want the link---resumably it belongs under the subsection "WeRelate" which lists articles created on WeRelate related to the Cowans
d. insert the link itself (see explanation below)

2. The basic format for a link is to surround the name of the article with double square brackets as "Name Of Article"

There are a number of things that you can do from that basic starting point
You'll see the format for the other links when you open the page for editing.
If you insert a ":" just infront of the link, it will display the page title indented one tab inward. Notice all of the other articles have such indents. Stritly formating convention. If you place two ":"'s, you indent two tabs in, etc.

Let me know if this does it, or if I need to clarify something.


Adding Images [8 February 2010]

Great Photos, Terry. I'm in the process of adding them as images to WeRelate

Here's how that can be done

1. Create a title somewhere (as on the page at the place you want the image to appear

The format would look like this
[[Image:John Cowan's Land.jpg]]

2. Click the link (in red) and you will be taken to an input page for uploading the image onto WeRelate

3. Follow the instructions.

NOTE: It is necessary to tell the system what kind of file it is. That's done by appending the file type as an extension to the name you give the image. There are many choices; usually photographs are "jpg", and that works well. When working with images I usually save them as tiff's because of resolution issues, but reconvert to jpgs when I upload them to Werelate (tiff's aren't compatible with WeRelate. Think its a size issue.)

4. Sometimes images come out too large on WeRelate, and its necessary to adjust the size of the display. This is done by adding a "pipe" followed by the needed image size. Something between 100 and 500 px works best. Here's an example

[[Image:John Cowan's Land.jpg|200px]]

I've done this for you John Cowan Farm image, and will also add the others various places:

Image:John Cowan's Land.jpg

Bill--Q 09:33, 8 February 2010 (EST)