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While working on the Immigrants from: Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe and reading a book about emigrants from Drenthe. I thought why should I not try to make some kind of chronological summary in WeRelate and tell the story of these Landverhuizers (Emigrants) (For Groningen see: Groningen)

Image:Nederzettingen abt 1860.png

Between 1835 and 1935 , many people from Friesland, Groningen & Drenthe migrated to the U.S.A. to start a new life. It was a massive step: there would be a little change to return to the land of their ancestors, if the new country failed to live up to expectations.

Many of these "Friezen", "Groningers" & “Drenthen” settled in Michigan. Of the first 6 settlers arriving in the forests of Michigan 2 came from the Village of Noordbarge and 3 from Coevorden. Other Settlers went to Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and more

After the sufferings during the winter of 1846-1847, they started on the 9 February 1847 with building the first log cabin in the woods of Michigan. During the year 1847 many migrants found their way to ‘de stad Holland and soon many of them bought their own piece of land and founded small hamlets and villages which they named after their county of origin, such as Groningen, Vriesland, Overisel, Zeeland, Graafschap (after Graafschap Bentheim), which lies next to Drenthe and Overijssel). Specific there was no "real" border between Bentheim, Drenthe and Overijssel. Many people had family in both Bentheim and Drenthe/Overijssel.see: [1] Duitsland) en ook Drenthe.

Most people left because of the bad life conditions (Late-blight [2], epidemics like cholera & influenza) in those days but some left because of their religion and their story starts with Hendrik de Cock and the Secession. However I intend not to write about religion, but just to make a Historical, Genealogical, Chronological summary about immigration from Groningen, Friesland & Drenthe to the United States.

So Chronological, the date to start with:



21 November Sovereign Principality of the United Netherlands


William I, becomes King of the Netherlands,and started reorganizing de "Nederlands Hervormde Kerk"


Ordination Hendrik de Cock, in Ulrum, from where he was banned in 1833.


Founding of Grand Rapids


Hubertus Luitweiler (Vlissingen, John Cappon, Jacob Puynbroek, fam. de Kruyf, fam Daane, Eernisse and other families from Zeeland settled in (Rochester,Pultneyville, Lyons)


Dec 14 The sececcion


Nov Klaas Janszoon Beukma Might be the 1th Groninger Settler in Lafayette


Apr 1 seperatists
South Holland 1257
Drenthe 861
Groningen 405
Zeeland 48
7 immigrants from Hoogezand: Hindrik Kamphuis & Jan Kamphuis


Jan de Wijk from Oude Pekela migrates and settles in Washington


21 Mrt Albertus van Raalte became minister in Ommen and started a Theological school
24 Nov Cornelius van der Meulen became minister in Middelharnis and later in Goes (Mar 1841).


Jacob Niewold from 't Zandt migrates and settles in New Holland, Illinois


1843-1846 Low economic situation in the Netherlands:bad life conditions (Late-blight [3], epidemics like cholera & influenza).


26 People from Nieuw- Schoonebeek left (most of them were Roman-Catholic
In Zeeland (Netherlands) the farmers use infected birds fertilizer from South America and the potatoe harvest failed Jannis van de Luijster decides to emigrate ( for Zeeland, see also: Going to America: Travel Routes of Zeeland Emigrants by Robert P. Swierenga
Alexander Hartgerink was asked to look for the possibilities in the U.S.
The Zeeveld family [4] settles in Holland Sheboygan


Apr 15 Foundation of the "Vereeniging van Christenen voor de Hollandsche volkshuisvesting naar de Vereenigde Staten in Noord -Amerika"(The Foundations of the Union of Christians for the Dutch Emigration to the United States in North America")
May 28 First 14 settlers left with a Letter (Derk Arnoud, Louize Cramer, Willem Kwinkelenberg, Neeltje Francyna Arnoud, Jan Jacob Arnoud, Nieske Gerritse and their children.(need to be added)
Jun: Arrival of de "Hollander" with about 50 people from Aalten, Dinxperloo and Varsevel, Velp, Arnhem and Zeeland they headed for Milwaukee[5]
Isaac Wyckoff, minister in Albany reads the letter from van Raalte and decides to help them
Sep 24 Departure Albertus van Raalte from Arnhem
Oct 2 Southener[6], arriving at New York, 19 November 1946
Dec 19 Isabella Bath [7] with Jan Rabbers & Willem Kremers arrives in New York, they walked from Buffalo to Detroit.


Image:Emigranten 1847 001.jpg

Feb 9 Arrival at the house of Isaac Fairbanks and rev G.N. Smith: Albertus van Raalte, Evert Zagers, Egbert Frederiks, Jan Laarman, Willem Notting and his wife, Jannes Lankheer. 5 of them from Drenthe.
Feb 23 First Log Cabin, Founding of: Holland!!
Mar 17 Marregien van der Rijn Notting dies,
Apr Rev. Scholte decides to go to Iowa with abt 800 people and founded Pella
Apr 27 Harvest[8] arrives in New York with emigrants mainly from Drenthe
Apr 27 IJssel arrives in New York with emigrants from which many went to South Holland Illinois [9]
May ? Founding of New Groningen by Jan Rabbers

Jan Rabbers, who hailed from the village of Noordbarge founded Groningen. He had hoped that many settlers from Drenthe would join him at his saw mill on the tributary of the Black river, but most moved towards an area near Jan Hulst who originally came from Staphorst, a village in Overijssel. At first it looked as if the village would also take this name but the Drenthen, who were in the majority, stopped this. It was called Drenthe He made the point however with a sign in his frontgarden which read ‘hier begint Staphorst’

May Founding of Drenthe by Jan Hulst, First "Drent": Arend Smeding
May Sarah Sand arrives in Boston with Rev Hendrik Pieters Scholte
May 23 Antoinette Marie [[10]] arrives in New York with settlers from Bentheim and Drenthe
May 27 Vesta [11]arrives at New York, with Rev. Marten Ypma and 49 Frisians Tiete van Haitsma
Founding of Vriesland, Michigan.
Jun 4 Dank Caasliest [12] arrives with Riekeltje Schuring from Nieuwe Pekela wife of Rev. Klaas Wildeboer
Jun 5 Kroonprinz von Hanover [13] arrives with Jannis van de Luijster and the settlers from Zeeland
Jun 20 Founding of Graafschap
Jul 6 Princess Sophia [14] arrives in New York with Rev. Cornelius van der Meulen(However he never wanted to emigrate)(see:[15])
Jul Founding of South Holland (Low Prairie)(SEE:[16])The South Holland area's first settlers were Dutch. Hendrik De Jong, his wife Geertje, and their 12 children had traveled west from New York to Holland, Michigan, then on to Illinois. In mid-1847, Hendrik De Jong purchased 300 acres along the Little Calumet River in what is now South Holland. The presence of the De Jong family attracted other Dutch immigrants to the area and soon a community called de Laage Prairie (the Low Prairie) was established. Among other early settlers were Jan Killewinger, Huip Scheuurwater, Antonie Rombout, Antje Paarlberg, and Jakob Duim.
Jul Founding of Zeeland
Jul 12 Albatross [17] arrives in New York with the rest of the first Frisians.
Arrival of Rev. Peter Zonne in Milwaukee [18]
Aug 6 Doggerbank[19] arrives in New York: The passengers were all farmers, and settled in the "Kolonie" in Holland, Michigan, and Roseland, Illinois.
Aug 26 Arrival Rev. Scholte at what would become Pella
1847/1848 Founding of Noordeloos Immigrants had arrived in the US in 1847/1848, residing a few months in Old Groningen, before moving to what is called Noordeloos in 1856.
Nov 21 Disaster with the lake steamer Phoenix, abt 127 Dutch passengers died. Passengerlist[20]


Arrival of Father van den Broek with 900 Dutch (Catholic) settlers mainly from Brabant in Little Chute, Wisconsin
Oct 11 New Dutch Constitution by dr. mr Thorbecke: Freedom of Religion in the Netherlands
Nov Founding of North Holland(New Holland)[21]
DATE Rev Seine Bolks founded Overisel with 87 people from Hellendoorn


Jun 6 Worp van Peyma arrives in North America with a group of friends from Het Bildt and Barradeel on board of Steamship Hermann
Jul Founding of Hooge Prairie(Roseland, Cook, Illinois) by: Johannes Ambuul, Jacob de Jong, Pieter de Jong, Klaas Dalenberg, Pieter Dalenberg, Jan Jonker, Cornelis Kuijper, Jan Ton, Leendert van der Sijde from Noord-Holland


Jun 11 Arrival in New Orleans of the William and Mary with on board 87 Dutch Travellers who shipwrecked (Article: Passagierslijst ‘William and Mary’)


Rev. Koene van Den Bosch arrives in Noordeloos


Cholera pandemic, Phytophthora infestans, Rinderpest and the fear for war with Prussia made many think about migration


Emigration wave from Groningen & Friesland


Founding of Orange City by Henry Hospers, Jelle Pelmulder,Henry John van der Waa,Leen van der Meer and Dirk van den Bos


Emigration wave from Groningen, Friesland


Holke Kundersma from Bozum seems to be the first Frisian who settles down in Whitinsville


Doleantie 11 July schism in the Dutch Reformed Church


In around 1886 Jan Boschma from Kubaard, Friesland arrived in Whitinsville , bringing with him a herd of dairy cows from the Netherlands. He settles


New emigration wave from Friesland and Groningen, about 25.000 Frisians leave between 1890 and 1910 because of the great poverty in and around the "peat-areas"

To be continued