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Templates, etc.

Find A Grave


Substitute the memorial id number for the ## above. This number follows the text Find A Grave Memorial# on Find A Grave memorial pages. Substitute the name of the person for the name above. Enter this template in the Record Name field of a source citation. Add Find A Grave in the Title field


{{dargrs|026819|DAR Ancestor A026819}} use number, then Anumber [what happens if you want a member number?]

Speculative/Adoptive, etc

Templates, explanations, discussion

In Use/Under Construction

Template:In use
{{In use}}
{{In use|5 minutes}}
{{In use|1 hour to add details about their life in the facts and events section}}

Template:Under construction
{{Under construction}}

Possible Duplicates


Speedy Delete

Enter {{Speedy Delete|reason|date}} at top of the text section of the page to be deleted. Be sure to include the reason and date separated by "|"

{{Speedy Delete|duplicate page|12 May 2012}}

{{Speedy Delete|Possibly [[Help:FAQ#Can_I_create_pages_for_living_persons.3F|living ]] person/family. Living people are not permitted on WeRelate. Please add death dates or delete by clicking on More>Delete|10 Nov 2012}}


{{moreinfo wikipedia|wikipedia page name|language code}} (no text imported)
{{source-wikipedia|wikipedia page name}} (import text)

Problem Flags

Red Flag

[[Image:Red Flag.jpg|20px]]

Citation Needed

<span class="redlinks"><tt><sup>[[Citation needed|{{{1|Citation needed}}}]]</sup></tt></span><noinclude>

Sources Needed (graphic, with books)

{{Template:Sources needed}}

This page does not have any citations to sources.
   Please help improve this page (and WeRelate) by adding citations to reliable sources.   

{{Sources needed 1}}

This page does not include enough citations to reliable sources.
   Please help improve this page (and WeRelate) by adding sources
such as birth/marriage/death certificates, military/church/census/land/estate records, etc.   
(NOTE: Undocumented family trees, found in books or online or as GEDCOMs, are not considered reliable enough to prove facts and events.
Please dig deeper to find, verify and present the primary source of the information that is posted here.)

Broken Link

Broken Link

<Font color=red Size =2 Style=bold>Broken Link</font>


Template: {{questionable|mother died before child was born}},with the phrase "mother died before child was born" produces the example below. The phrase can be changed.


Questionable Information Found
mother died before child was born

Original Sources Needed

<font color=red size=3>(Original source documentation for these data is needed.)</font>
(Original source documentation for these data is needed.)

Block Quote

To set a quote off: <blockquote>quoted a bunch of stuff</blockquote>


WeRelate now has a Transcript of Savage's Dictionary [5 March 2012]. Add links to corresponding Person pages Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England. For example, volume 1, page 16 refers to Thomas Adams and his family. In addition, a template has been created that allows a page specification to also serve as a link to the corresponding page of the transcript, for example, {{savagepg|1|16}} -> 1:16.

See also: the associated about the Transcript page; Source page for Savage

Super/Subscript and Sizes

Texttext and more text
Texttext and more text
Size smaller and more text
or bigger and more text

Text above Refs, etc

Text . . . . . . See Charles Addams as an example

==Fact and Events==

== References and Notes ==

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