Brickwall Notes

Note: This is a list of my Brickwalls with a link to their WeRelate pages. Some of these Brickwalls I have a working theory, and have linked these ancestors hoping they can be proved. Some of these Brickwalls are true Brickewalls.

Person:Celah Allen (1)

Person:Anna Barnes (5)

Person:Mary Davis (174)

Person:Samuel Elder (3)

Person:Josiah Forth (2)

Person:Mary Gasson (1)

Person:Mathew Grove (1)

Person: Anna Johansson (4)

Person:William Hall (101)

Person:Jacob Heffner (1)

Person:Elizabeth Miller (100)

Person:David McCormick (3)

Person:Mordecai Ogle (2)

Person:Mary Parish (5)

Person:Miles Parish (1)

Person:Ida Peterson (4)

Person:Almira Raner (1)

Person:David Robbins (3)

Person:Mary Roberts (67)

Person:Phillip Sheridan (1)

Person:Anna Torbaugh (2)

Person:Levi Williams (3)

Person:Elizabeth Waninto (1)

Person:First Yarrington (1)

Person:Stephen Young (2)

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