Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p186


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Volume 3, Page 186

was b. John, but of what date is unkn. and, perhaps, others; he m. says
Barry, 1646, Mary Axdell or Axtel had Zechary, b. 7 June 1647;
Elizabeth 26 May l649; Lydia; Hannah, 30 Sept. 1653; and Mary, 3 Aug.
1656. Hannah d. prob. young, as she is not nam. in his will of 4 Sept.
1672, in wh. he calls John eldest s. but makes w. with Zechary excors.
calls Elizabeth w. of Joseph Graves; and Lydia, w. of Joseph Moore; and
the youngest d. unm. but she m. Feb. 1674, Daniel Hudson of Lancaster,
and d. in 1677. Perhaps the first w. was d. of Comfort Starr,
and the sec. may have been m. a doz. yrs. later than Barry tells. JOHN,
Dorchester or Boston, a carpenter, freem. 1649, m. wid. Elizabeth Pell
(that had bef. been wid. of Nathaniel Heaton) and d. 4 Oct. 1658, leav.
her once more a wid. JOHN, Sudbury, eldest s. of the first John of the
same, perhaps brot. by his f. from Eng. m. 5 Apr. 1658, Mary, d. of
Stephen Gates of Lancaster, had John, b. 1661; Elizabeth 1664; Simon,
1666, d. young; Simon, again, 1668 ; David, 1669, bef. ment. Zechariah,
1672; Hannah; Sarah, 1680; Lydia, 1682; and Joseph, 1685;
all b. at Marlborough, where he was freem. 1685, and d. leav. wid.
Sarah, perhaps 1711. JOHN, Marlborough, eldest s. of the preced. by
w. Lydia, d. of Richard Ward, had John, b. 1690; Daniel, 1692;
James, 1694, Mary, 1696; Reuben, 1698; Abigail, 1701; Phineas,
1703; Bethia, 1705; and Hezekiah, 1708; was freem. I think, 1690,
tho. the rec. says sen. when his f. was alive, and hav. once sworn in
1685, needed not to go through the solemnity again, yet it was, perhaps,
thot. good to swear double in those times. He d. 15 May, 1731, and his
wid. d. 10 Jan. 1740. JOSEPH, Marlborough, youngest s. of the sec.
John of Sudbury, m. 1707, Elizabeth Price, had Persis, b. 1713; Elizabeth 1716;
and Benjamin, 1721. His w. d. 1732, at Worcester. SIMON, Marlborough,
br. of David by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. 1694; Simon,
1696; Elizabeth 1698; Tabitha, 1701; EIisha, 1703; Eunice, 1705,
Ephraim, 1707; and Benjamin, 1709; and d. 19 Jan. 1747; and Hannah,
his wid. d. 5 Apr. 1748. WILLIAM, New London, came from
Hampsh. Eng. m. 15 Nov. 1678, Lydia, d. of John Richard, had William,
b. 16 Nov. 1680; and eight more ch. of wh. three are under age
when she d. 1711. ZECHARY, Sudbury, s. of the first John of the same,
m. 1678, Hannah, not d. of John Cooledge, as Barry, 323, says, but d.
of John Goodrich of Wethersfield, had Zechariah, b. 30 Apr. 1679;
John, 26 Jan. 1681; Hannah, 25 Jan. 1683; Jonathan, 8 Apr. 1683;
David, or Daniel, 22 May 1687; Elizabeth 3 Jan. 1692; Joseph; Moses;
and Abigail, 13 May 1700. His w. d. 1719, and he d. 1724. This
name is spell. with many variat.

    MAYNE, or MAYEN. See Maine.

    MAYO, DANIEL, Eastham, s. of the sec. John, had Bethia, Sarah,
Daniel, Jeremiah, Margery, Mary; and d. a. 1715. JAMES, Eastham,