Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p264


Volume 1, Page 264

the preced. perhaps m. Sarah, d. of Edward Rawson, and d. 4 Dec.
1702. Thomas, Northampton, s. of John, sett. at Deerfield, was k. by
the Ind. with w. and three ch. in June 1693.

    BROWN, ABRAHAM, Watertown, prob. s. of Thomas of Hawkedon,
Co. Suffk. near Bury St. Edmunds,
[1] freem. 6 Mar. 1632, by w. Lydia
had Lydia, b. 22 Mar. 1633; Jonathan, 15 Oct. 1635; Hannah, 1 Mar.
1639, d . soon; and Abraham, 6 Mar. 1640; beside Sarah, and Mary,
perhaps brot. from Eng.; was selectman many yrs. and surveyor. The
time of his d. was 1650. His wid. m. 27 Nov. 1659, Andrew Hodges
of Ipswich, but after his d. in Dec. 1665, she came again to Watertown,
and d. 27 Sept. 1686. Sarah m. 16 Dec. 1643, George Parkhurst;
Mary m. 10 Apr. 1650, John Lewis of Charlestown, as sec. w. and,
next, a Cutler; and Lydia m. William Lakin. ABRAHAM, Boston,
merch. arr. first time 20 June 1650, m. 19 Sug. 1653, Jane Skipper,
had Mary, b. 19 Dec. 1654; went home 1654, next yr. was tak. by a
Barbary pirate, but soon ransom. and the foll. yr. came again to B. had
Jane, 9 Aug. 1657; and Sarah, 6 June 1660. Ano. ABRAHAM, Boston,
freem. 1664, m. 1 May 1660, Rebecca, d. of Hezekiah Usher, had
Hezekiah, b 22 Aug. 1661; Rebecca, 26 Aug. 1663; and Elizabeth
17 Nov. 1664, wh. m. Peter Butler, jr. ABRAHAM, Watertown,
s. of Abraham of the same, m. 5 Feb. 1663, Mary, d. of Edward
Dix, had Lydia, b. 11 Nov. 1663, wh. m. 30 Dec. 1688, George
Woodward; and Abraham, 1665, d. at 13 yrs. He d. 1667, and his
wid. m. next yr. Samuel Rice of Sudbury, and d. 18 June 1678.
ABRAHAM, Salisbury, s. of the first Henry of the same, m. 15 June
1675, Elizabeth Shepherd, had s. b. 10 Jan. 1676, d. in a wk.; Sarah, 25
Jan. 1677; Ann, 19 Nov. 1679; Elizabeth 29 Mar. 1682; Bethia, July
1684; Hannah, 7 Nov. 1686; Abraham, 16 Mar. 1691; and Samuel,
16 Nov. 1694; and d. 26 Mar. 1733. ALEXANDER, Kennebeck 1674.
ANDREW, Scarborough 1658, was constable in 1670, and had, in 1663,
five s. of wh. Southgate give names of four, Andrew, John, Joseph, and
Charles. ARTHUR, Saco 1636. BENJAMIN, Hampton. s. of John of
the same, m. Sarah, d. of William Brown of Salisbury, had William, b.
5 June 1680; Sarah, 11 Sept. 1681, d. young; Benjamin, 20 Dec.
1683; Elizabeth 16 July 1686; John, 18 Mar. or May 1688; Jacob, 1 Mar.
1691; Stephen, 17 July 1693; Mary, 1696; Thomas, 21 May 1699;
and Jeremiah, 20 Nov. 1701. His w. d. a. 1730; he, a. 1736, very old.
BENJAMIN, Salem, s. of first Hon. William, m. it is said, Mary, d. of
Rev. John Hicks, a noncomform. min. in Eng. wh. d. 26 Aug. 1703, had
only two ds. Sarah, and Mary. He was rep. of his nat. town 1693 and
9, of the Exec. counc. 1702-5, a liberal benefact. of Harv. Coll. d. 7
Dec. 1708. BENONI, Hartford, youngest s. of Nathaniel of the same, d.
1688, prob. unm. holding some office. BOAZ, Concord, s. of Thomas, m.