Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p210


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Volume 1, Page 210

the eject. min. from Co. Cumberland, was employ. at first ch. as
assist. to Rev. James Allen for some time, but was compell. to give
up this place for preach. a sermon not. compos. by him, rem. to Barbados,
thence, perhaps, to Bermuda, and there d. Hutch. I. 427.
Emerson, Hist. of first ch. 134. Calamy, II. 150. THOMAS, a passeng.
emb. in Eng. 29 May 1679 for Boston in the Elizabeth; but it may be
fear. that he never reach. his destin. or else, he soon d. or went home
again. THOMAS, Watertown, third s. of William of the same, m. 30
Sept. 1680, Sarah, d. of Thomas Woolson, and had Thomas, b. 29 May
1683; Sarah, 2 Dec. 1685; William, 1 Feb. 1688; Mary, bapt. 7 Dec.
1690; John, b. 14 July 1695; and Isaac, 22 June 1698; and d. 17 Dec.
1704. WILLIAM, Watertown 1649, third s. of Thomas of Bury St.
Edmonds, in Co. Suff'k. bapt. there 3 Sept. 1625, at St. James ch. brot.
prob. 1630, in the fleet with Winthrop by his aunt Elizabeth w. of Ephraim
Child; m. 7 Feb. 1650, Sarah, d. of Nathaniel Briscoe, wh. d. 16 Feb.
1693; bot. of Rev. John Knowles, after he went home, 5 Mar. 1655, the
farm that K. purch. of capt. William Jennison; was oft. rep. in the col.
days, in the couns. of safety during the insurrect. against Andros, and
first speaker of the ho. after the new chart. a man of great energy; had
2d w. 1695, Elizabeth wid. of John Nevinson, and d. 15 Dec. 1695. His wid.
surv. a. 25 yrs. His ch. were William, b. 1 Dec. 1650; John, 2 Dec.
1652; Thomas, 23 Dec. 1654; Elizabeth 30 Nov. 1656, wh. m. 13 Mar. 1679,
Nathaniel Barsham, Na;thaniel, 19 jan. 1659, d. soon; Nathaniel, again,
9 Jan. 1660, unless confusion of style in the fam. geneal. has made two out
of one; Sarah, 27 July 1661, wh. m. 29 Jan. 1690, Palsgrave Wellington;
Jonas, 19 July 1664; and Mary, wh. m. 22 June 1693, Richard Coolidge.
His descend. Henry of Philadelphia, bestow. many yrs. on the filial
duty of publish. the Watertown geneal. to fill the admira. vol. of the Hist.
of W. WILLIAM, Watertown, s. of the pred. m. 2 June 1680, Hepzibah,
only d. of Thomas Hastings, had Margaret, b. 1 Oct. 1680; three Williams,
of wh. the last was b. 24 May 1695; Deliverance, 2 May
1686; Elizabeth; Mary; Samuel; and others, wh. d. young. Four of this
name had been gr. at Harv. and four at the other N. E. coll. in 1834.

    BONDET, DANIEL, Oxford, min. of the Huguenots, or French Protestants,
1691. 3 Mass. His Coll. II. 61.

    BONDFIELD or BONFIELD, GEORGE, Marblehead 1676. Dana, 8.

    BONHAM or BONUM, GEORGE, Plymouth, m. 20 Dec. 1644, as sec. w.
Sarah, d. of George Morton, had, prob. Ruth, wh. m. 28 Nov. 1666,
Robert Barron; Patience, wh. m. 28 Dec. 1670, Richard Willis; Sarah,
b. 4 Dec. 1649, d. early in 1650; and Sarah, again, 12 Jan. 1651, d.
prob. soon; Sarah, again, 10 Dec. 1653; d. 28 Apr. 1704, aged 86.
NICHOLAS, Barnstable, perhaps br. of George, m. 1 Jan. 1659, Hannah,