Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p160


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Volume 1, Page 160

Hartford, a tailor, had John, 6 yrs. old; Robert, 4; and Mary, 1 and 3/4
at his d. 29 July 1684. SHADRACH, Portsmouth, prob. or other New
Hampsh. settl. by w. Rachel had Shadrach, b. 3 July 1685; Elizabeth 19
Mar. 1687; Mesheck, 29 Jan. 1690 ; Benjamin, 5 Aug. 1 1695; and
Thomas, 12 May 1699. THOMAS, Roxbury, freem. 23 May 1636, had
Sarah, b. 4 Oct. 1640; John, bapt. 9 Apr. 1643, d. in few wks. and
Mary, 28 Sept. 1645; went home bef. 1654 with his fam. and d. 1672.
By his will of 29 Jan. in that yr. he gave good est. to the gr. sch. at R.
and his name is held in high esteem for his benevo. THOMAS, Boston
1637, was of ar. co. 1643, by w. Ann had John, b. 24 Aug. 1638, d.
soon; John, again, 4 Mar. 1640, d. soon; Tabitha, 21 Mar. bapt. 4 Apr.
1641, d. at 13 yrs.; Thomas, 3, bapt. 7 Aug. 1642; Hopestill, bapt. 21
July, but the careless copy of town rec. says b. 2 Aug. 1644; Moremercy,
14, bapt. 17 Jan. 1647; Deborah, 29 Nov. bapt. 1 Dec. 1650;
and Joseph, bapt. 9 Oct. wh. town rec. says b. 1 Nov. 1653, d. soon; but
the last two were in right of his w. Deborah. He was the pub. executioner
in 1649, and d. 7 June 1655. His wid. m. 7 May foll. William
Mullins. Thomas, Stonington 1667-79, perhaps earlier. One THOMAS
B. of Salem in the 50th yr. of his age gave testimo. a. the Lynn iron works,
in 1681. He m. 10 Dec. 1680, Rebecca, d. of Samuel Ebborne, had Thomas,
b. 26 Aug. 1681; and George, 10 June 1684.Of this name Dart. counts eight
as her gr. of wh. the first, Samuel, of Chester, the gov. was gr.s. of John,
early an inhab. of Londonderry, and so may well be thought of that noble col.
of Scotch-Irish, wh. hardly more than half so many as the sad gleanings of the
fields of Dunbar and Worcester, transplant. hither seventy years earlier, prob.
outnumber by fifty-fold, if not a hundred, the political exiles' progeny.

    BELLAMY, JOHN, New Haven 1614, merch. from London, had w. but
no ch. here bef his embarka. Jan. 1646, with Capt. Lamberton, on that
sad voyage to London, from N. H. wherein so many of the flower of the
Col. were lost. Against that tradit. nothing can be alleg. unless it be discredit.
so far as B. is implicat. in it, by non-appear. of his name on any
rec. at N. H. MATTHEW, New Haven, was sch. master at Stamford
1658, but Cothren thinks he was first at Fairfield, bot. and sold ld. at S.
up to 1670, but m. at N. M. 1671, Bethia, d. of Timothy Ford, had
Matthew, b. a. 1672; Bethia, 3 Aug,. 1673, d. soon; Elizabeth Nov. 1674, d.
soon; and Mary, 1675, wh. m. 28 Jan. 1703, Elijah How; exercis. his
skill at Guilford and Killingworth, and in 1675 had gr. of ld. at Saybrook,
bot. ho. there next yr. wh. he sold in 1677. His w. d. in 1687, and perhaps
he, too, was d. or absent in parts unkn. for he had not been ment.
several yrs. bef. 1689 when his childr. were put under gaurdiansh.
MATTHEW, Wallingford S. prob. of the preced. tho. by tradit. declar. to
be s. and posthum. of a suppositit. John, and had two ws. and ten or
eleven ch. Part of this may be true, as that his first w. was Sarah, sis.