Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p504


Volume 4, Page 504

to be a forgery, used, to be sure, above a dozen yrs. bef. the Norfield
deed, and prob. unsuspect. by him, and never seen by his f. as we may
confident. believe it never was by the gr.f. wh. had honest title only to
five or six hundred thousand acres under Ind. deed of a portion of the
same region, made near nine yrs. later. He d. 1745. * SAMUEL,
Wells, s. of the first John, m. Esther, d. of Jeremy Houchins of Boston,
was town clk. 30 yrs. in 1665 appoint. by the governm. of Mass. a
commissnr. for the town, or justice of the peace, rep. for York and
Wells 1671, for Wells in 1677, in 1681, nam. of the Council for the
Province under Presid. Danford, and d. 1700. THOMAS, York, s perhaps
eldest, of the first John, made freem. of Mass. with prefix of
respect, Nov. 1652, and Col. Rec. III. 333, shows he then dwelt at
Wells, a selectman 1653, and commissn. the same or the next yr. prob.
d. bef. his f. Among gr. at Harv. Coll. are nine of this name.

Margaret, nam. in his will 1 Feb. 1654, prob. 4 Apr. foll. HENRY,
Yarmouth 1643, of wh. no other ment. is ever found, but that he m.
25 Jan. 1648, tho. the rec. is too much worn to be sure of his w. yet
if he were f. or even br. of Catharine, wh. m. Oct. 1639, Giles Hopkins,
it would be observa. Sarah W. b. 21 June 1650, may have been
his d. JOHN, Salem, prob. or some nieghb. town, was one of the
witness. in May 1692 to prove witchcr. upon Rev. George Burroughs by
the fact of holding a gun at arm�s length.

    WHELPHLEY, HENRY, Stratford 1645, in 1653 sold ld. and ho. in
Fairfield. His wid. prob. nam. Sarah, m. Ralph Keeler. Perhaps he
had Joseph and Nathan, and even more. JOSEPH, Fairfield, propound.
for freem. 1670, perhaps s. of the preced. was d. in May 1682, leav.
wid. Deborah, wh. d. 1690; but he had former w. Rebecca, d. of
Thomas Bulkley, wh. prob. was mo. of his three ch. Sarah, Rebecca,
and Joseph. NATHAN, New Haven, from 1678 was master of a vessel,
and in 1687, on voyage from Barbadoes d. and by numcup. will
gave ho. at New Haven to Samuel Knifton, or some such name, s. of
his sis.

    WHELYER, JOHN, a passeng. from Southampton 1634, in the Mary
and John, if we follow the copy of the copy of custom-ho. paper, but in
my opin. it meant John Whittier, or more prob. Wheeler.

    WHETCOMBE, JAMES, Boston, merch. freem. 1669, one of the commisn.
nam. by the k. to admin. the o. 1679, to new Gov. of Mass. hav.
borne a part in the funer, ceremonies of Leverett in Mar. of that yr. d.
23 Nov. 1686, says Sewall's diary.

    WHETNELL, JEREMY, New Haven 1639, never heard of since, I
think, but see Whitnell.

    WHETSTONE, INCREASE, k. by the Ind. 14 Mar. 1676, at Northampton,
was a soldier, I suppose, but am unable to conject. from what town,