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Volume 4, Page 442

legislat. held by Wiggin and Danforth by virtue of commissn. from
Mass. but rep. at Boston in 1660 for Kittery; in 1665, the great important
sess. of controver. with the royal commissnrs. and 1669 for York,
again 1670 in Presid. Danforth's Court for the Province, in 1676 as
"the old Treasr. was direct. to square his accounts," and in 1680 sw.
alleg. to the k. Charles II. Aft. this I find his name no more in the
Maine rec. and he prob. d. soon. PETER, Newbury, wh. d. as Coffin
notes, 12 Oct. 1653, may have been br. or f. rather more prob. of Nathaniel.
PETER, Hampton, s. Nathaniel, of what it is mortifiying
confess. that I kn. no more exc. that he was made counsel. of the Prov.
1698. Neither Belkn. nor Farmer give m. progeny or d. It has been
asked if Peter Weare and Peter Wyer were the same man. ROBERT,
Hampton, the freem. of 1678, may have been br. of Nathaniel. In a
very valu. note to Belkn. Hist. by Farmer in his Ed. 364, 5, uncertainty
rests even on the f. of Meshech, b. 1714, H. C. 1735, one of the
most servicable men that State has ever produc. wh. was its first Presid.
under revolut. const. Yet F. thinks he was s. and the youngest of four
of Nathaniel, wh. was s. of the last Peter.

    WEATHERHEAD or WITHEREHEAD, Mary, one of the Quakers, wh.
arr. at Boston 27 July 1656, from London, aged 26, in the Speedwell,
but was, I hope, discreet eno. to go quietly to prison until the evil
spirit in our governm. sent her home by the same ship. The silence
of Hutchinson I. 196, permits us to indulge such a suspicion of rare

    WEATHERS, JOHN, Hadley, sw. alleg. Feb. 1679.

    WAVER, CLEMENT, fined for drunk. in Mass. 1640, may have not
been perman. resid. certain. not the Mr. Weaver, order. by court to be
sent home, 1 Mar. 1631, in the Lion, as one "unmeet to inhabit here."
Passing over the drunk. we may find him as Clement senr. a freem. at
Newport in the list of 1655. CLEMENT, Newport, in the list of freem.
1655 call. junr. may well seem s. of the preced. and he m. Mary, eldest
d. of William Freeborn, had perhaps the misfortune of being a capt.
1690 serv. with Walley in the expedit. of Phips against Quebec, if such
latitude of construct. may be applied to the exact statem. in Arnold's
Hist. of R. I. Vol. I. 520, 2. EDMUND, a husbandman, aged 28, with his
w. Margaret, 30, came in the Planter, 1635, from London. They are
call. in the London cocket for clearance, of Auckstrey in Herefordsh.
yet my search for their resid. in this country is unsucess. JAMES, perhaps
br. of the preced. came fellow-passeng. at least with him, and was
aged 23. THOMAS, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Sarah, b. 6 Nov. 1674,
but of him no more can be found here, tho. possib. it might be in ano.