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Volume 4, Page 404

    WALTHAM, * HENRY, Weymouth merch. by his business relat. I judge
he was from Weymouth, in Co. Dorset, engag. 1635, with Dudley and
others, to promote fishing trade, rep. 1636, had Henry, Thomas, William,
Ann, and Phillis, prob. all b. in Eng. d. 29 Jan. 1659, unless this were
his s. of the same name. HENRY, Weymouth, s. of the preced. may
have had Jonathan, and other ch. * THOMAS, Weymouth, s. of Henry
the first, was rep. 1636. WILLIAM, Weymouth, br. of the preced. fin.
by Gen. Ct. for drunk. 1639, and d. next yr. unm. it is presum. for his
will of 3 Nov. 1640, the day of d. mak. f. his Excor. pro. 30 Dec. next,
names no w. nor ch. tho. we are indebt. to it for kn. of the f. and brs. and
sis. Oft. it is Walton in the rec. but that in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 349,
call. him s. of William, may be a mistake of the bapt. name as well as
spell. of surname.

    WALTON, GEORGE, Exeter 1639, had been fin. for swear. 1638, as
our Col. Rec. I. shows; was of Dover 1648, was a vintner, 1662, at
Portsmouth, had George, b. 1649; Shadrach, 1658; Dorcas; Mary;
and perhaps other ch. by w. Alice; and d. 1686, at the neighbo. town of
Newcastle, or Great isl. aged more than 70. His relig. was not suffic.
in his old age, to protect him from diabolic. disturb. in 1682, or wh. in
Mather's Magn. VI. 69, some triffing report may have seen, but it is
slightly shorten. from his f.'s Remarkab. Providences. Similar occur. in
the same yr. at the same neighbor. are relat. in the next. artic. in both
works. Much of the same wretched stuff in the Magnalia, was by the s.
borrowed from the same storehouse. In a London publicat. Lithobolia,
or the stone-throwing Devil, of wh. the Library of Harv. Coll. possess. an
orig. copy as may be read, 1698, reprint. as the first article in New York
Hist. Magaz. for Nov. 1861, the childish credul. of both f. and s. is outdone.
Yet the incidents so exact. concur. and even the phraseol. of not a few of the
tales so near. corresponds, that rashness will not imput. to the surmise, of
assist. by either Increase or Cotton in supervis. the MS. of this tract, for
certain. one (if one, both) enjoy. perusal of it, soon aft. it came from the press;
and it was the proper nutrim. for their credulity. HENRY, Boston, by w. Mary,
had Job. b. 29 Sept. 1639; Adam, 8 May 1643; William, 29 Sept.
1645. JOHN, Portsmouth 1640, had come, a. 1638, from Plymouth, in
Eng. and aft. liv. here about 20 yrs. was sent by our Gen. Ct. home for
his w. in the voyage ws tak. by the Dutch, and d. soon aft. JOSIAH,
Marblehead, youngest s. of Rev. William, a. petitnr. in 1668, was prob.
unm. a mariner, struck by lightning 23 June 1673, at sea, made nuncup.
will, as Essex Inst. II. 126 gives. NATHANIEL, Marblehead 1658, s. of
Rev. William, was there much esteem. freem. 1680. SAMUEL, Marblehead
1668-74, s. of Rev. William, is by Eaton, nam. among the early
sett. at Reading. * SHADRACH, Newcastle, N. H. s. of George, was, in
1689, aft. overthrow of Andros, desir. of union betw. Mass. and N. H.
a capt. and major, in Ind. war; engag. in the campaign of 1707 for conq.
of Nova Scotia; made a royal counsellor 1716, d. 3 Oct. 1741, aged 83.
He was f. of George; Benjamin, H. C. 1729; Elizabeth; Abigail; Sarah;
and Mary. * THOMAS, Weymouth, s. I suppose, of the first Henry,
rep. 1636. WILLIAM, Marblehead 1639, had been bred at Emanuel
Coll. Cambridge, where he took his degr. 1621 and 1625, and was, no
doubt, ord. and serv. at Seaton, Co. Devon, where it is kn. that sev. of