Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p166


Volume 4, Page 166

Clark, d. 12 Nov. 1728, and his w. Mary d. six yrs. bef. The name
was commonly in early days writ. with d. in the first syl. and more recent.
is not; as in the catal. of Yale Coll. in 1852 is found the list of ten gr.

    STANNARD or STANARD, JOSEPH, Haddam, an early sett. Field, 67.
See Stonard.

    STANNION, ANTHONY. See Staniell.

    STANTLEY, JOHN, came in the Abigail from London 1635, aged 34;
but where he sat down, or any thing else a. him, is unkn.

    STANTON, DANIEL, Stonington, s. of the first Thomas, may first have
liv. at Westerly 1669, by w. Elizabeth had, as the rec. of Friends at Newport
shows, Elizabeth b. 20 June 1676; Martha, 3 June 1678; Sarah, 27 Feb.
1680; Daniel, 19 Apr. 1683; and Ruth, 8 Apr. 1687; m. prob. in
Barbados, there d. leav. wid. and one ch. * JOHN, Stonington, s. of
Thomas,the first, was wish. by the Conn. Governm,. to be educ. for an Ind.
interpret. and teacher, and sent by his f. to Harv. Col. 1661, but not long
eno. stud. there to partake in the honors. He prob. learn, more by practice
and exper. of acquaint. with the unlet. natives; was freem. 1666, liv.
at s. 1670-9, prob. had s. of the same name, as he was call. sen. a capt. in
Philip's war, and much employ. in every thing relat. to the Ind. By w.
Hannah he had John, b. 22 May 1665; Joseph, 22 Jan. 1668; Thomas,
Apr. 1670; Ann, 1 Oct. 1673; Theophilus, 16 Jan. 1676; and Dorothy,
wh. d. 28 Apr. 1699. * JOHN, prob. s. of Robert of Newport, had
by Mary, d. of John Harndel of Newport, Robert, b. 4 May 1667;
Benjamin; Mary, 4 June 1668; and Hannah, 7 Nov. 1670, as in the
will of their gr.f. 9 Feb. 1685, may be seen; beside these, Patience, b.
10 Sept. 1672; Joseph; John, 22 Apr. 1674; and content, 20 Dec.
1675; wh. may all have been d. when the will was made. He was rep.
1690; and d. 3 Oct. 1713, at the age of 72. JOSEPH, Stonington,
younger br. of the preced. was yet old eno. to be propound. for freem.
1669, may be, tho. not prob. that s.-in-law of William Mead of Roxbury,
in whose will of 1683 he is nam. "tho. undutiful," for we can hardly
doubt, that our Stonington man had some yrs. bef. m. Hannah Lord, or
even third w. a Prentice. But no ch. is giv. him. ROBERT, Newport,
adm. an inhab. early in 1639, on the freem's list 1655, by w. Avis had
John b. Aug. 1645. He was perhaps br. of the elder Thomas, yet we
must not be too confident, for Farmer ment. a ROBERT of Dorchester
wh. as i find had Thomas, and whose d. Prudence was b. 14 June 1659;
but he weas of town's poor 1689. ROBERT, s. of the first Thomas his
youngest but one, the ch. mem. of 1677, was the youthful soldier, 1676,
to wh. the Ind. capt. prince Nanunteno made reproachf,. ansr. as Hubbard
tells. He d. 25 Oct. 1724, aged 70, had Robert, b. 7 Dec. 1689.