Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p385


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Volume 3, Page 385

    PECKHAM, OR PECKUM, JOHN, Newport 1639, prob. the same person,
by Farmer called Joseph, wh. was one of the found. of the Bapt. ch.
He is in the list of freem. 165. STEPHEN, Dartmouth 1686, perhaps s.
of the preced.

    PECKIT, JOHN, Stratford 1670. Perhaps the name was obscure in
the MS.

    PEDINGTON. See Redington.

    PEDRICK, JOHN, Marblehead 1674, had been there many yrs. His
will was of 2 Aug. 1686, and ment. w. Meriam, eldest s. John, by former
w. Phillis, 29 Mar. 1673, and eight more ch. Benjamin, Agnes, Mary, Ann,
Sarah, Meriam, Elizabeth and Joanna. One of these ds. was prob. w. of John Stacy;
one of John Parrot; and ano. of Henry Prentall,as he calls ea. of these his s.-in-law.
A John Pedick is name. of Marblehead at the same time, but of him I kn. nothing.

    PEEK, GEORGE, Marblehead 1674, by w. Hannah had George, b. 8 Aug.

    PELHAM, EDWARD, Newport, s. of Herbert, had w. Freelove, as
Barry, 155, says, tho. Jackson, 387, wh. acknowledges her, makes the
first w. Godsgift, d. of Gov. Benedick Arnold, wh. also had Freelove, and
it may well be that Pelham took both. Jackson adds that he d. 20
Sept. 1730, and names the ch. Elizabeth Edward, and Thomas. � || HERBERT,
Cambridge, brot. in 1638, d. Penelope, when he came over, aft.
befriend, our cause ten yrs. as a mem. of the comp. in London, where he
may have been a lawyer, m. sec. w. Elizabeth wid. of Roger Halakenden, d.
of Godfrey Basseville Equ. of Co. York, here had Mary, b. prob. 12
nov. 1640; Frances, prob. 9 Nov. 1643; but in the Genal. Reg. IV.
182, Mr. Pilsbury's copy of the rec. that is, I think, exact, gives the same
yr. for both, and one must be wrong; beside Herbert, 3 Oct. 1645; wh.
d. or was bur. 2 Jan. 1646. He was a gent. from Co. Lincoln, Matric.
at Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 12 Nov. 1619, in his 18th yr. and Gov.
Hutchinson says, he was of that fam. wh. attain. the highest rank in the
peerage one hundred yrs. ago, as Duke of Newcastle. He was much engag.
in public serv. promoting planta. of Sudbury, where he had gr.
of ld. 1644, ar. co. 1639, was chos. an Assist. 1645, being made a
freem. at the same time; first treas. of Harv. Coll. 1643, and went home
in 1649, liv. at Buer's hamlet, Co. Essex, but was bur. in Suffk. 1 July
1673. his will of 1 Jan. preced. names ch. Waldegrave, Edward, henry,
and Penelope, perhaps all, certain. first and last, by his first w. wh. was
a Waldegrave. His wid. d. 1 apr. 1706, in her 84th yr. and was bur. at
Marshfield. Penelope m. 1657, Gov. Josiah Winslow. JOHN, perhaps
br. of Herbert, came in the Susan and Ellen, from London, 1635, aged
20, with Penelope, 16, "she being to pass to her br's planta." as the custom