Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p171

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Volume 3, Page 171

w. of Philip; John Lockwood, prob. by his d. Eliz. s. of
Edmund; Abraham and Nathaniel Masters, whom I judge to be s. and
gr.s. and gives residue of est. to d. Eliz. w. of Cary Latham. JOHN,
Salem, m. 17 July 1678, Elizabeth Ormes, had John, b. 24 Sept. 1681, wh.
d. with his mo. in Sept. of next yr. and by w. Dores he had Elizabeth last of
July 1684; John, again, 15 Feb. 1687; Jonathan, 10 Nov. 1689; and
Samuel, 1 Oct. 1693. NATHANIEL, Beverly 1659, wh m. Ruth, d. of
John Pickworth, seems to be s. of Abraham, and gr.s. of the preced.
None of this fam. was of Cambridge, when the Shawshin div. of ld.
was made in 1652.

    MASTERSON, NATHANIEL, York, s. of Richard, had liv. early at
Salem, at Boston 1660, and at sev. other places, with Rev. Ralph Smith,
his f.-in-law, was marshal or sheriff in 1665, imprison. by the royal
commiss. for upholding the right of Mass. and restored to his office by
Leverett and the other agents of Mass. 1668, when the people return. to
alleg. under our Col. Hubbard, 593. RICHARD, Plymouth 1630, came
prob. the yr. preced. a deac. of the "goodly company of the Pilgrims at
Leyden" bef. the d. of Rev. John Robinson, 1625, chos. prob. 1620,
when Gov. Carver, Elder Brewster, and Samuel Fuller, wh. had, I suppose,
all been predeces. in that office, emb. for N. E. in the Mayflower.
He brot. w. Mary, nam. Goodall, of Leicester, in the docum. at Leyden,
as m. 26 Nov. 1619; ch. Nathaniel, bef. ment. and Sarah, wh. m. John
Wood, or Atwood. The wid. m. Rev. Ralph Smith. It has been
doubted, whether the deac. ever came to this country, but the doubt
relies, I suppose, mainly on tbe negative fact of ment. of him being
hardly found, and yet we kn. from Bradford, that he d. at P. in the gr.
sickness 1633. In 1649, Mary Smith, their mo. gave to Nathaniel M.
and his sis. Sarah, w. of Atwood, her right in "a ho. in Leyden, in
Holland, sometime appertain. to my dec. h. Richard Masterson."

    MATHER, ATHERTON, Dorchester, s. of Timothy, rem. to Windsor,
m. 20 Sept. 1694, Rebecca, d. of Thomas Stoughton, and by her
William, b. 2 Mar. 1698; and Jerusha, 18 July 1700; his w. d.
and by sec. w. Mary he had Joshua, 26 Nov. 1706; Richard, 31
Mar. 1708; Mary, 2 Mar. 1711; rem. to Suffield, there had Thomas, 5
Apr. 1713; Eliakim, 10 July 1715; and Catharine, 5 Jan. 1718, wh. d.
at 15 yrs.; and he d. 9 Nov. 1734. COTTON, Boston, eldest s. of
Increase, freem. 1680, when he was only 17 yrs. old, so that he came
forward with strange rapidity (hav. join. the ch. of his f. 31 Aug. 1679),
wh. is the more striking, as his f. was never adm. freem. that we find;
and if his course at coll. were full one, he must have ent. at 11 1/2 yrs.
more than two or three have been min. in Boston younger than he;
but with less sagacity than his f. he was ord. at 2d ch. collea with him
13 May 1685; disting. as a scholar above most of his contemp. but kn.
in mod. days chiefly as author of the Magn. in seven books, London
1702, a work of no little value, and more curious than valuable, d. 13
Feb. 1728. He m. 4 May 1686, Abigail, d. of John Phillips of Charlestown,