Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p59

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Volume 2, Page 59

Apphia, 7 Dec. 1668; and Abner, 8 Mar. 1672. He m. 4 Mar. 1679, Hannah,
wid. of Capt. Samuel Brocklebank, wh. perhaps made him rem. to Rowley; and
had third w. Patience, wid. of Shubael Walker. His d. Hannah m. John
Moody; and Apphia m. Peter Coffin. RICHARD, Newbury, s. of the preced. m.
7 June 1677, Sarah, d. of Stephen Greenleaf, had Richard, b. 28 Apr. 1678,
wh. liv. over 86 yrs.; Elizabeth 21 Dec. 1680; Sarah, 14 Feb. 1681; Hannah, 3 Dec.
1682; John, 2 Feb. 1684; Stephen, 2 Dec. 1686, d. soon; Stephen, again, 1687;
Joseph, 5 Dec. 1689; and Mary, 1 July 1694. WILLIAM, Newbury, br. of the
preced. m. 13 Oct. 1684, Mary, d. of Capt. Samuel Brocklebank, had William,
b. 12 Jan. 1685; Hannah, 28 Mar. 1686; Mary, 1 Feb. 1688; Richard, 31 Dec.
1689; Jane, 23 Jan. 1692; Patience, 8 Apr. 1694; Apphia, 13 May 1696;
Samuel, 1 June 1699; and Benjamin, 2 July 1702.

    DOLHAFF or DOLHERT, CHRISTIAN, Exeter 1684, d. Aug. 1708, leav.
Samuel, Richard, Thomas, Mary, Prudence, and Catharine. Belkn. I. 472. Pike.
Kelley. It may be the same as Dolack, and so careful a copier as Rev. Mr.
Quint, in Geneal. Reg. VI. 202, by easy mistake made it Dolhoss.

Marblehead 1648, was constable 1660. Dana, 7. He was liv. 1672. SAMUEL,
Marblehead 1648, Gloucester 1654, there by w. Mary, d. of Robert Elwell, had Samuel,
b. 9 July 1658; Mary, 26 Mar. 1662; Richard, 18 Apr. 1665; Sarah, 24 Dec. 1667; and
John, 2 Sept. 1671; d. 1683. Dana. Gloucester Telegraph. WILLIAM, Gloucester, m. 4
Oct. 1682, Ann, d. of Rev. John Higginson, wh. was apprehend. in 1692 (the
yr. of horrible delusions), for witchcraft, but either good sense, not her own, or
favor of her father saved her life. Felt, II. 478.

    DOMMETT, ALEXANDER, Boston, mariner, was tak. by the Turks 1681, at
the same time, I suppose, as John Greene, whose disast. is told by
Noadiah Russell in his Diary. See Geneal. Reg. VII. 54.

    DONN, HUGH, Dover 1664.

    DONNELL, DENNELL or DUNNELL, HENRY, Kittery 1650, freem. 1652,
rem. to Falmouth, m. a d. of Thomas Reading of Saco, had Henry, and
Samuel. Willis, I. 209. � SAMUEL, York 1680, s. of the preced. had
Nathaniel, b. 18 Nov. 1689; was a magistr. judge of the C. C. P. nam. by
Incr. Mather and King William, of the Counc. in the New Chart. 1691, d. 9
Mar. 1718, aged 72. Some of our writers, Douglas, and Hutch. II. 14, call
his surname DANIEL. See Alden's Epit. II. 21, and 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. IX. 83.
Nathaniel, his s. d. 9 Feb. 1780, aet. 91. THOMAS, York 1660, took o. of
fidel. to Mass. 1652.

    DOOLITTLE, * ABRAHAM, Boston, went to New Haven 1644, had

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