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Volume 1, Page 42

youngest are not on rec. Ten of these were liv. 1705. He was a capt. and
carpenter, employ. in build. many chs. d. Jan. 1691. His wid. m. Samuel
Belden, sen. JOSEPH, Hadley, signer of the petitn. against imposts
1668, was not s. of William. RICHARD, 22 June 1632, took o. of alleg.
in London bef. embarc. in the Lion, wh. arr. at Boston 16 Sept. foll. but
where he ever liv. in our country is unkn. Perhaps he went first to
Roxbury, as did sev. of his fell. passeng. and if the discovery be ever
made, I shall feel no surprise at find. that he is the same as R. Ellis of
Dedham. SAMUEL, Hadley, 1668, s. of William, by w. Alice, had Mehitable,
b. 2 July 1677; Samuel, 20 Feb. 1679; William, 19 Oct. 1680;
Mary, 6 July 1682; Thomas, 1684; Rebecca, 1687; and Sarah; and
he d. 1691. All the seven ch. were liv. 1704. Their mo. the wid. of
A. m. John Hawks, and was (with most of her h's fam.) k. at the destruct.
by the French and Ind. of Deerfield, 29 Feb. 1704. WILLIAM, Braintree,
had gr. from Boston of twelve acres for three heads, was freem. 13
May 1640, by w. Mary had John, b. 5 Mar. 1642; Samuel, 24 Feb.
1647; Josiah, wh. d. 15 Oct. 1651; Josiah, again, 20 Oct. 1651; William,
10 Jan. 1653, wh. d. at 9 mos.; William, again, 10 Jan. 1656; beside
two ds. Hannah, wh. m. 1670, William Scott; and Mary, wh. d. unm.
1690; rem. to Hadley 1661, on the W. side of the riv. now Hatfield;
was selectman 1662, lieut. of the cavalry, a deac. and his w. d. 1677. He
m. 25 June 1678, wid. Mary Graves, made his will 2 Sept. at Hartford,
4 days bef. his d. 1678. His wid. Mary, d. of John Brownson, whose
sec. h. John Graves, was k. so shortly bef. as 19 Sept. 1677, had in
1668 been wid. of John Wyatt, and was happy to gain for fourth h. Samuel
Gaylord, m. 1682. His s. William was k. in the Falls fight, 19 May
1676. Sometimes his name appears Allice.

    ALLISET or ALLESET, JOHN, Boston, by w. Grace had Elizabeth b. 19 Jan.
1684; Grace, 24 May 1686; Elizabeth again, 5 July 1688; and Deliverance,
12 Oct. 1695.

    ALLISON, JAMES, Boston 1644, by w. Christian had James, b. 20 Oct.
1650; and John, wh. d. 2 Apr. 1653. RALPH, Scarborough 1673, was
a gr. landholder. RICHARD, Braintree. See Ellison, wh. may be a distortion
of this; but in New Hampsh. contin. the name Allison.

    ALLOTT, ADAM, Newbury, a tailor, came in the Bevis, 1638, from
Southampton, aged 19 in the serv. of Richard Dummer; but no more is
told of him.

    ALLT or AULT, JOHN, Portsmouth, 1631, sent out by John Mason,
the Patentee of N. Hampsh. liv. at Dover most of his days after 1640,
in 1679 was 73 yrs. old. His w. was Remembrance; ch. John; Remembrance,
wh. m. John Rand; and a d. wh. m. Thomas Edgerly. Sometimes
the name is Olt.