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Volume 1, Page 40

1677, of wh. I am not able to say, whether he was the devisee in the will
of the preced. In 1697 he kept a shop at Hartford, had w. Lydia, ch. Edward,
and Martha. But ano. EDWARD at H. m. Rachel, d. of James Steele, had John,
b. 4 Mar. 1690; and Rachel, 20 Aug. 1694.

    ALLIN, JOHN, Dedham, the first min. (formerly by me thot. erron. to be
s. of Robert of Horley in Co. Oxford, matric. at Magdalen Coll. 27 June
1623, in his 18th yr. whereas it seems much more likely that he was of
Cambridge Univ.) came over in 1637, was, freem. 13 Mar. 1639, ord. 24
Apr. foll. From the date of his b. 1596, and of the entrance of Bp.
Wren upon his diocese 1635, Brook, in Lives of the Pur. III. 456, concludes,
that he had been a preach. at Ipswich in Suff. and some reason
for conject. that he was of Surlingham in Norf. is found by Dr. Lamson,
his successor at D. in our day. His actual serv. however, had been at
Wrentham, Co. Suff. a. 30 miles N. E. from Ipswich. When I exam.
the Reg. of the Univ. of Oxford, it did not occur to me, that the age giv.
him at matric. must have been too small by 10 yrs. and it is very clear
that the Oxford schol. was not our John, but of a differ. fam. and fate
also. Margaret, his w. d. Apr. 1653; and by her we kn. of no ch. exc.
John, b. at Wrentham 13 Oct. 1623, H. C. 1643, of course he was not, as
Farmer surmis. "sent hither from Eng,. to obt. an educat." but brot. by
his f. For sec. w. he took 8 Nov. 1653, Catharine, wid. of Gov. Thomas
, dec. 31 July preced. and she had first been wid. of Samuel
, had Daniel, b. 5 Aug. 1656, H. C. 1675; Benjamin; and
Eleazer. He was of high esteem for learn. ana d. 26 Aug. 1671, in his
will, made three days bef. pro. five days after, ment. his s. John, as
"educat. in learn." and "now of Eng." Of the youngest two s. nothing
is heard; and not much of Daniel, wh. was librarian short time in 1677,
took his A. M. 1678, liv. at Charlestown, mortgag. his Dedham est. to
John Richards, and d. 1692. See Worthington, 47-9; and Lamson's
Centu. Discourses. JOHN, Dedham, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. went
home, was vicar of Rye in Co. Sussex, whence being eject. 1662, for nonconform.
he went to London, there practis. med. with much success during
the great plague of 1665, and was suppos. by William Winthrop in
his MS. catal. to have d. but we have plenary evid. in his own letters to
friends at Rye, (in one of wh. is ment. of the d. of his f. in N. E.) coming
down to Mar. 1674, that he contin. in the serv. of humanity at London.
LEWIS, Billerica. See Allen. WILLIAM, adm. freem. 18 May 1642, is
of no certain resid. and the name spell. with single l and final e.

    ALLING, FRANCES, Roxbury, d. 1 Dec. 1692, of wh. no more is kn. to
me, but that the town rec. of his bur. on the same day, spells Allen.
JAMES, Salisbury s. of Roger, was the third min. there. coming as success.
to Wheelwright, m. 1688, Elizabeth d. of Rev. John Cotton of Plymouth,
had Joanna, b. 5 Mar. 1690; Mary, 10 Apr. 1692; and Elizabeth 2
Sept. 1694; and he d. 3 Mar. 1695. His wid. m. 14 Mar. 1699, Rev.