Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p221


Volume 1, Page 221

Hon. John Turner, and d. 2 Feb. 1768, alone, left male issue. His s.
Habakkuk was f. of Nathaniel, the great American astronomer, translat.
of La Place.

    BOWDOIN (so made from the sound of the old French BAUDOUIN),
JAMES, Boston, s. of Pierre, b. at La Rochelle, in France, merch. brot.
by his f. (escap. from the persecut. of Louis XIV.) to Casco, now Portland,
thence soon to Boston, m. 18 July 1706, Sarah Campbell, perhaps
d. of John, the postmaster, had James, b. 5 May foll. d. in few mos.;
Mary, and Elizabeth tw. 27 June 1708, of wh. Elizabeth d. in two wks.; John, 22
Aug. 1709, d. at two yrs.; Peter; 19 May 1711, d. next yr.; and William,
14 June 1713, H. C. 1745. His sec. w. d. 21 Dec. 1713, and he m. 16
Sept. foll. Hannah, d. of George Pordage, had Samuel, b. 25 July foll.
d. next yr.; Elizabeth 25 Apr. 1717; Judith, whose date of b. 1719, is deriv.
(like that of the preced. sis.) not from rec. of town, but fam. memor.;
and James, 7 Aug. 1726, H. C. 1745. His sec. w. d. 2 Aug. 1726, and
he m. 24 Apr. 1735, wid. Mehitable Lillie. He was one of the richest
men in B. made one of his majesty's council under our free chart. and d.
8 Sept. 1747, aged 71, leav. five ch. above ment. Mary, m. 12 Feb.
1729, Belthazar Bayard; Elizabeth m. 26 Oct. 1732, James Pitts; and Judith,
m. 12 June 1714, Thomas Flucker. JAMES, Boston, youngest s. of the
preced. m. 15 Sept. 1748, Elizabeth ch. of John Erving, had James, b. 22
Sept. 1752, H. C. 1771, wh. was min. plenipo. of U. S. at Madrid; and
Elizabeth wh. m. Sir John Temple, the first British Consul Gen. to our
country, one of whose ds. was w. of the late Thomas L. Winthrop,
Lieut. Gov. of Mass. and mo. of Hon. Robert Charles W. He was a
disting. patriot of the Revo. and bef. had serv. in the council of the Prov.
1757-69, when the royal Gov. put a negat. upon him, presid. of that
convent. of 1780 for fram. the Constit. of Mass. and first presid. of the
A. A. S. and Gov. of the Comwth. 1785, and 6, during the worst of the
delusions that produc. Shay's rebell. and d. 6 Nov. 1790. With felicity
that leaves nothing to be desir. his charact. was portra. by his gr. gr.s.
R. C. Winthrop in an Address at Bowdoin Coll. wh. deriv. its name
from the uncle of the orator, the most disting. benefact. MICHAEL, Lynn
1690. Lewis MS. PIERRE, was, I think, translat. into Eng. (at the same
time with the fam. name) and became PETER, Boston, had been a physician
at La Rochelle bef. the revocat. of the Edict of Nantz, on wh. he
fled forthwith to Ireland 1685, as the most natural resort of persecut.
Protestants, thence came next yr. to Casco with w. Elizabeth wh. d. 19 Aug.
1720, aged 77, and two s. John, wh. went early to Virg. and sett. there in
Northampton Co. where. descend. remain; and James, bef. ment. and two
ds. In little over two yrs. with sev. other Huguenots he rem. to Boston,
there more than sixteen yrs. w. a prosper. merch. d. Sept. 1706. By