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Taylor (\ta(y)-lor\) is a surname in the English language which originated as an occupational surname (meaning tailor) in England and Scotland.[1] It is derived from the Old French ("cutter"), which is in turn derived from the Late Latin taliator, from taliare ("to cut"). The first historical evidence of the surname dates to the County of Somerset, South West England in 1182, and the first mention in Scottish records to circa 1276. According to the UK National Trust surname profiler, Taylor is the fifth most common surname in the United Kingdom. It is also common in other English speaking countries (especially Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States, where it was the tenth most frequently encountered surname in the 2000 US Census), but has a low incidence in Ireland, where it is mostly concentrated in the North.

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Taylor: Ireland to Canada

  • Taylor Family Tree: This RootsWeb-hosted site is a personal family tree of a Taylor family who left Ireland for Ontario, Canada in about 1862 (descendants migrated to other Canadian provinces).
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