Place:Jackson Family Burial Plot, Mount Clare, Harrison, West Virginia, United States


NameJackson Family Burial Plot
Located inMount Clare, Harrison, West Virginia, United States

A drawing or survey of the original gravesite has been found. This drawing dated Sept 3, 1921, was prepared before the gravestones were removed. It is labeled "Jackson Cemetery, Clarksburg" but that is not entirely accurate. This cemetery is not in Clarksburg; rather this is a family plot near Mount Clare and should not be confused with the historic Jackson Cemetery on Pike Street in Clarksburg. The drawing shows the layout of the family burial plot located on Edward Jackson's home farm about one mile south of Mount Clare in Harrison County, West Virginia. The following folks are buried there; the years of birth and death are added from research as there are no stones indicating dates.

Edward Jackson 1741-1807
Edward's son Stephen Jackson 1764-1847
Stephen's wife Elizabeth Pomeroy Jackson 1765-1850
Stephen's sister Phoebe Jackson Stout 1793-1827
Stephen's brother-in-law, Phoebe's husband, James Stout 1780-1863
Stephen's daughter Susan Jackson Bassel 1790-1838
Stephen's son-in-law, Susan's husband, Benjamin Bassel 1785-1856
Stephen's granddaughter, Susan & Benjamin Bassel's dau, Susan Bassel 1821-1825

See also: Cemeteries Grant Magisterial Dist. Harrison County, WV, (Harrison County Genealogical Society Clarksburg, Harrison County, WV), Pg. 65-66. "Old Jackson-Bassel Cemetery", Grant District, located on property owned by Robert and Eulene Mendez, no stones are left, the grave of Edward Jackson, Rev. War Vet. 1730-1820 was taken to the Seventh Day Baptist Church Cemetery at Salem."

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