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Willis Stucker
m. abt 1786
  1. Willis Stuckerabt 1787 -
m. 29 Dec 1808
Facts and Events
Name Willis Stucker
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1787 Kentucky, United States
Marriage 29 Dec 1808 Clark, Indiana, United Statesby Charles Johnston
to Margaret Storm
Residence[3] 1813 Jefferson, Indiana, United Statessigned petition asking appointment of court judge
Residence[2] 1 Dec 1823 Pope, Illinois, United Statesprovided bond security for guardian of Nancy McCool, daughter of Jesse McCool
Residence[1] 1854 Pope, Illinois, United StatesProvided affidavit regarding first marriage of Margaret Johnson to his brother-in-law Peter Storm
  1. War of 1812 Claim for Bounty Land Warrant by Peggy Dunning for Service of Peter Storm’s Service in the War of 1812, in Johnson Family documents, Primary quality.

    State of Illinois, Pope County
    Willis Stucker says that he was well acquainted with Peter Storm . . . . [and] was present and was one of the bridal attendants at the time of his marriage with Miss Peggy Johnson now Peggy Dunning . . . . [and that he] married Peter Storm’s sister

  2. County Court Records, Pope County, Illinois, 1816-1831; LDS #0964530, in Illinois. County Court (Pope County), and Illinois. Court of County Commissioners (Pope County). County court records, 1816-1850. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1974), p. 215, Primary quality.

    1 Dec 1823 – By order of the Court John N. Calvert is appointed guardian to the infant heir of Jesse McCool by name Nancy Alexander McCool who gave bonds in penalty $1000 with Samuel Alexander Joshua Scott and Willis Stucker as his security

  3. The Territory of Indiana 1810-1816, in The Territorial papers of the United States: the territory of Wisconsin, 1836-1848 : a microfilm supplement. (Washington, District of Columbia: National Archives and Records Administration, 1959), Volume VIII, p. 244&ff.

    Recommendation of Elijah Sparks for Judge (1813)
    “We the undersigned Citizens of Dearbourn* county Indiana Territory. Represent to your Excellency the many hardships that we as well a Others Citizens of said Territory labour under, by reason of the long vacancys in the Judiciary system under the General Court establishment thereof. The late Judge Vanderburgh has for a considerable time been deceased, and no one as yet acting in his place Judge Taylor has for months been in the Army, and as we are informed there expects to remain during the present War. The consequence is, that system is rendered useless in the Territory to the prejudice of Sutors; and Thro our Delegate we make our remonstrance to you, and pray, that the bench of said Court be again filled, and should it become necessary to make a new appointment to accomplish our desires, we beg leave to recommend to your Notice & attention Elijah Sparks Esquire, one of our County men, as a man well qualified, to fill said vacancy.
    *ftnt89 – similar petitions were signed in other counties, only the lists of signatures included.
    p. 248 – Section 5 of Subscribers [Jefferson County] – inc. Jesse Vawter
    p. 248 – Section 6 of Subscribers [Jefferson County] – inc. Willis Stucker, [{Person:Jacob Storm (2)|Jacob Storm]], Andrew J. Storm