Person:William Ward (8)

m. BEF 1723
  1. Joseph Ward1723 - AFT 1795
  2. William Ward1725 - 1795
  3. Capt. James WardABT 1727 - 1774
m. ABT 1745
  1. George Ward1751 -
  2. David WardABT 1751 - 1827
  3. Mary WardABT 1753 -
  4. William Ward1753 - 1817
  5. Jane WardABT 1755 -
  6. Malinda WardABT 1757 -
  7. James Lemill Ward1758 - 1808
  8. John WardABT 1769 - ABT 1846
Facts and Events
Name William Ward
Gender Male
Birth? 1725 Inishowen Pennisula, County Donegal, Ireland
Marriage ABT 1745 to Elizabeth Thompson
Death? 15 AUG 1795 Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky

William Ward was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 322.--18th May, 1762. Nathaniel Evins to William Ward. £90, 279 acres, 249 part of Bordin's tract, and 30 acres part of an entry of King's land adjoining the same; cor. Thomas Wilson. Teste: George Wilson, Benj. Estill, Wm. Haddin. Delivered: James Trotter by your order, May, 1769.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 388.--20th June, 1769. William Ward, of South Carolina, to John McClung. £52.10, 279 acres, part of Borden's 92100, and 30 acres, being part of an entry of King's land adjoining the same; corner Thomas Wilson. Teste: John Handley, Edward ( ) Thompson, Thomas ( ) McClung. Delivered: Daniel Kidd, January, 1779.

Records of William Ward in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 103.--9th February, 1762. John ( ) Davies and Judith ( ) to George Berry, £135, 198 acres, part of the land formerly belonging to Andrew Pickens; cor. John McPheeters in James Young's line, deceased; cor. to said George Berry's line. Teste: W. Ward, Jno. McPheeters, Joseph Ward. Delivered: George Berry, April, 1774.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 21, 1765. - (251) Wm. Robinson, James Neeley and Wm. Bryans to view a road from Vanse's by Inglis's Ferry to Peak (Poak) Creek. Wm. Ward qualified deputy sheriff, to which James Trimble dissented. Nicholas Harplore, Paul Shaver and Jacob Wees, to view road on North Mill Creek from the Upper Tract to the County line below Jacob Peterson.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1766 (D). - Edward Long vs. James Ward.--1756. To making a suit of clothes for yourself and a coat for your son William.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 19, 1767. - (482) Samuel Woods, Thomas Goodson, John Richards, Wm. Ward, Hugh Crockett, Jacob Kent, Robert Crockett, Philip Love and Joseph Crockett petition for a road from Vanse's to Saml. Woods's.--Viewers appointed.
  • Page 398.--17th August, 1768. William Sprowle and Jean to Alex. McElroy, £200, 320 acres on Moffet's Creek; cor. John Patterson, part of Borden's 92100. Acknowledged and privy examination. Teste: James Trotter, W. Ward, Jas. Ward. Delivered: McElroy, December, 1768.
  • JUNE 14, 1781. - (348) Called Court on William Ward and Lewis Baker on suspicion of treason against the Commonwealth. Guilty of levying war against the Commonwealth, and held for further trial. Henry Swadley, John Snyder, Christian Stone and Capt. Robert Davis bound as witnesses for Commonwealth, to appear at such time and place as the Governor shall direct the proclamation for the trial.

Information on William Ward

1424. William Ward, born 1725 in Inishowen Pennisula County Donegal Ireland; died August 15, 1795 in Lexington Fayette Ky. He was the son of 2848. James II Ward and 2849. Ann Chiles. He married 1425. Elizabeth Thompson Abt. 1745 in Augusta Virginia.

1425. Elizabeth Thompson, born Abt. 1730 in Ireland; died Bef. April 22, 1797 in Lexington Fayette Ky. She was the daughter of 2850. James Thompson and 1299. Mary ---.

More About William Ward:

Burial: August 1795

More About Elizabeth Thompson:

Burial: Bef. April 22, 1797

More About William Ward and Elizabeth Thompson:

Marriage: Abt. 1745, Augusta Virginia

Children of William Ward and Elizabeth Thompson are:

712 i. James Lemill Ward, born March 25, 1758 in Augusta Virginia; died June 1808 in Floyd Ky; married Sarah Osborn Abt. 1774 in Augusta Virginia.

ii. David Ward, born Abt. 1751 in Greenville Augusta Virginia; died June 1827 in Ward's Cove Tazewell Virginia.

More About David Ward:

Burial: June 1827

Occupation: Sheriff of Russell Virginia

iii. George Ward, born 1751.

iv. Mary Ward, born Abt. 1753; married Samuel Blair.

v. William Ward, born May 31, 1753 in Augusta Virginia; died December 21, 1817 in Floyd Ky; married Jane Watson 1775.

More About William Ward:

Burial: December 1817

More About William Ward and Jane Watson:

Marriage: 1775

vi. Jane Ward, born Abt. 1755; married Garrett Darland.

vii. Malinda Ward, born Abt. 1757; married James Rice.

viii. John Ward, born Abt. 1769 in Augusta Virginia; died Abt. 1846 in Floyd Ky; married Nancy --- 1789.

More About John Ward:

Burial: Abt. 1846

More About John Ward and Nancy ---:

Marriage: 1789