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William Robinson
m. 1694
  1. Capt. George RobinsonBet 1692 - 1695 - 1763
  2. Catherine Robinson1694 - 1760
  3. Ann RobinsonABT 1696 -
  4. James RobinsonABT 1698 - BEF 1752
  5. William RobinsonABT 1699 -
  6. Thomas RobinsonABT 1704 -
  7. John RobinsonABT 1706 -
  8. Joseph RobinsonABT 1708 -
  9. Priscilla Robinson1715 - 1774
  10. David RobinsonABT 1717 - bef 1787
  11. Margaret 'Phoebe' Robinson1721 - 1801
Facts and Events
Name William Robinson
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1699 prob. New Castle, Delaware
Death? Augusta County, Virginia

William Robinson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 429.--14th May, 1753. John Robinson, Sr., to William Robinson, 200 acres, part of two tracts. Patented to John, 25th July, 1746. South Fork Goose Creek. Cor. Joseph Robinson. Teste: Charles Brookin, John, Thomas, Joseph and Esther Robinson.


6. WILLIAM ROBINSON b ca 1706. He was among the first settlers in Beverley Manor, Augusta Co., VA (F. B. Kegley, Kegley's Virginia Frontier, pg 41, SW VA Hist. Soc., Roanoke, VA, 1938) 4 May 1753 he purchased 200 acres of land from John Robinson (DB 5, pg 429 & Kegley's VA. Frontier, pg 102). In 1771 he appears on the North Fork when he along with his neighbors: John Craig, John Henderson, Samuel Robinson, Giles Jackson, Thomas Rafferty, David McGee, Swain Paulson, John McCormack, Robert McGee, John Smith, Robert Ritchie, Abraham Fuller, David Robinson, John Vanlear, Samuel McGee, Joshua McCormack were summoned before the court for not obeying Robert Alexander, the sheriff, in retaking Joseph Alexander after breaking prison. From 1773 to 1784 he served regularly on the jury and was fined in 1783 for not serving. In 1780 James Wood succeeded him as captain, and 1781 Thomas Rowland succeeded him at Lieutenant Colonel. (Kegley's VA Frontier, pgs 615 & 616) [1]