Person:Walter Crow (1)

Walter Crow, of Linville's Creek
m. 18 OCT 1713
  1. Walter Crow1714 - 1714
  2. Mary Crow1715 -
  3. Sarah Crow1715 -
  4. Walter Crow, of Linville's Creek1717 - 1789
  • HWalter Crow, of Linville's Creek1717 - 1789
  • WAnne Miller1720 - 1811
m. 1740
  1. Polly Crow1738 - 1818
  2. Mary Crow1742 - 1778
  3. Nancy Crow1742 -
  4. James Crow1744 - 1819
  5. John Crow1750/51 - 1795
  6. William Crow1755 - 1821
  7. Benjamin Crow1757 - 1832
  8. Jacob "Blue Springs" Crow1759 - 1823
  9. Mary Crow1761 -
  10. Nancy Ellender Crow1764 - 1800
  11. Rachel Crow1767 - 1851
Facts and Events
Name Walter Crow, of Linville's Creek
Gender Male
Birth? 23 AUG 1717 St. Stephen's, Cecil County, Maryland
Alt Birth? 23 Aug 1717 Sassafras, Cecil, Maryland, USA
Marriage 1740 Christ Church, Middleseex, County Virginiato Anne Miller
Alt Marriage 1742 Christchurch, Middlesex, Virginia, USAto Anne Miller
Death? 28 Sep 1789 Rockingham County, Virginia

Walter Crow was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 706.--21st June, 1764. George and William Skillem to Walter Crow, £__, 343 acres patented to William Skillem, deceased, 30th August, 1743, and devised by William that his sons, George and William, should dispose of same on head of a draft of Linville's Creek on Daniel Harrison's road. Teste: James Hughes. James Huston, Robt. Russell. Delivered: Walter Crow. October, 1766. Acknowledged by George.
  • Page 853.--22d March, 1766. Same (From Alex. Herring (Heron) and Abigail) to Walter Crow, £25, 200 acres on South Fork Linville's Creek; corner Samuel Harrison's land Delivered: Walter Crow, October, 1766.
  • Walter Crow received a "Patent by Jefferson, 1st March, 1781, to Walter Crow, 216 acres by survey dated 15th April, 1780, in Rockingham on a draft of Linville's Creek, where he now lives, corner Leonard Herring, Jerry Raggins line", [McWilliams vs. Hollingshead, Chalkley's, Vol. 2].

Will of Walter Crow

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - A copy of the will of Walter Crow. Fee, 70 cents, paid in the office by W. Roalston. H. J. Gambrill. I, Walter Crow, of Rockingham County. To wife, Ann. To eight children, viz: Mary Harnsberry, James, John, William, Benjamin, Jacob Crow, Nancy Gregg, Rachel Harnett. Executors, wife Ann, and William Crow, third son of testator. "A certain obligation which John Crow obtained from William Crow at Lewis (Levines) Ferry, on James River, which John assigned to his father, Walter Crow, amounting to £20 principle, interest from August, 1784, if John shall pay some to Anne, etc.," otherwise the amount is to be deducted from John's share. Signed, sealed, etc., 6th August, 1789. Test: William Dunlap, Hannah (mark) Roadecap and lie for, etc. (Signed) William Ewen, C. R. C. Proved in clerk. 28th September, 1789, Rockingham County. Proven by Hannah Roadecap and lie for, etc. Signed) William Ewen, C. R. C. Proved in Rockingham, 26th October, 1789, by Elizabeth Roadecap. Administration granted widow, Anne; other executor failed to appear. By the Court. (Signed) William Ewen, C. R. C. A copy. Test: H. J. Gambill, D. C. R. C.

Processioning List of 1767/8

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settler’s lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:

  • Vol. 2 - Page 444.--1767-1768: Processioned by Robt. Cravens and Jeremiah Harrison: For Daniel Smith, for Lennard Herren, for Samuel Sample, for Thomas Harrison, for John Harrison, for Wm. Snaddone, for John McClure, for Saml. Briggs, for John McGill, for John Fowler, for Saml. Hemphill, for Jeremiah Harrison, for William Gregg, for Pat. Guin, for Jno. Cravens, for Robt. Cravens, for Daniel Love, for Daniel Harrison, for John Brown, for David Ralston, for John Hinton, for Vaulintine Saveyer, for Francis Hughes, for Alex. Harrison, for James Fowler, for Edward Shanklin, for Jennett McDonaId, for Alex. Miller, for Jno. Hardman, for Henry Ewen (Erven), for William Ervin, for Andw. Ervin, for Walter Crow, for Michael Waren, for John Curry.

Records of Walter Crow in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 647.--9th April, 1764. Samuel Harrison to Daniel Smith, £100, 100 acres on South Branch of Linville's Creek, patented to Samuel, 5th September, 1749. Teste: Walter Crow, Peter ( ) Kinder, Felix Shelman (Sheltman), Joseph Rutherford. Delivered: Daniel Smith, November, 1765.
  • Page 67.--9th August, 1766. Relinquishment by Abigail, wife of Alex. Herron, of dower in tract sold by Alexander to Walter Crow, 22d March, 1765.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1770 (B). Walter Crow vs. John Stewart (Middle River).--Writ, 28th November, 1767. Charles Crow is about to remove to South Carolina, 21st October, 1766. Daniel Smith had a brother John Smith, deceased, 21st October, 1766.
  • Vol. 2 - TO SEPTEMBER, 1803. - McWilliams vs. Hollingshead--Certificate that patent issued to Wm. Skillern for 343 acres on draft of Linville's Creek, 30th August, 1743. Patent by Dinwiddie to Alexr. Herring, 10th September, 1755, 200 acres on So. Br. Linville's Creek, corner Saml. Harrison. Patent by Jefferson, 1st March, 1781, to Walter Crow, 216 acres by survey dated 15th April, 1780, in Rockingham on a draft of Linville's Creek, where he now lives, corner Leonard Herring, Jerry Raggins line. Ditto, February, 1781, to Leonard Herrin, 88 acres on drafts of So. Br. of Linville's Creek. Ditto Benj. Harrison, 3d April, 1784, to Jno. Currey, 350 acres by survey, 1771, in Augusta on Linville's Creek; 240 acres thereof was patented to Saml. Harrison, 16th August, 1756, and conveyed by him to Wm. Mintor, 19th October, 1762, and by Mintor to Jno. Currey by deed recorded in Amherst, Walter Crow's land. Original deed, 27th May, 1799, Abraham Peery and Joseph Hall, of Rockingham, to Gordon McWilliams' grantors, undivided share in 137-1/2 acres in Rockingham, patented to grantors and grantee, jointly, 21st May, 1799. Recorded Rockingham, July Court, 1802. Will of Walter Crow, dated 6th August, 1789, recorded in Rockingham, 4th September, 1789, and 26th October, 1789. Deposition Jeremiah Harrison at Woodford Courthouse, 14th July, 1801; was a processioner 27 or 28 years in Augusta; taken before Jno. Obannon, Henry Watkins, E. Wooldridge. Patent by Gooch, 30th August, 1743, to Wm. Skillern, 343 acres on Linvill's Creek on both sides the Irish Road, Daniel Harrison's path. Letter from James Crow, Washington County, Va., 3d August, 1802, acknowledges request to get the deposition of Jeremiah Ragin; he knew Ragin 35 years ago; Ragin and James' father lived near neighbors. Deposition of Nicholas Curry, Fayette County, Ky., 19th November, 1800; says his father settled in Augusta in the fall of 1767.