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Valentine Harmon
Facts and Events
Name Valentine Harmon
Alt Name Valentine Harman
Alt Name Valentine Hermann
Gender Male
Birth[4] 1744
Residence[2] 1771 Virginia, USAupper Clinch
Residence? 1775-1776 Kentucky, USA"removed to Kentucky"
Residence[2] 1775 Lincoln, Kentucky, United States
Other[2] May 1775 Boonesboromember of the Henderson Legislature

Valentine Harman was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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The Transylvania Compact

May 1775, Valentine Harman was part of a group of men led by Richard Henderson who tried to form Transylvania Colony, as the Revolutionary War started, in what is now the central and western parts of the State of Kentucky. see Transylvania (Wikipedia)

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    Excerpt Daniel Harman, Sr., deposes 30th May, 1805, that the spring he moved to the head of Clinch; Valentine Harman lived on the plantation where Henry Harman, Jr., now lives and Valentine sold to Wm. Wynne for a mare, a horse and a wagon. Samuel Walker deposes 30th May, 1805: In 1771 he came to the head of Clinch and met Valentine, who said he was coming to it or this country to see after "some Harres that run Hear."

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    Valentine Harman who settled on the upper Clinch River in 1771, and moved to Lincoln Co., KY, about 1775, and was a member of the Henderson Legislature at Boonesboro in May, 1775

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