Person:Thomas Scott (13)

Thomas Scott
b.bef 1597 England
  • HThomas Scottbef 1597 - 1643
  • WAnn Unknownbef 1602 - 1675
m. bef 1622
  1. Thomas Scott1622 - aft 1652/53
  2. Mary Scottest 1624 - bef 1675
  3. Sarah Scott1626 - 1661
  4. Elizabeth Scott1628 - 1696
Facts and Events
Name[2] Thomas Scott
Gender Male
Birth[1] bef 1597 England
Marriage bef 1622 to Ann Unknown
Residence[1] 1634 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Residence[1] 1636 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Death[2] 6 Nov 1643 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Will[1] 6 Nov 1643 Nuncupative.
Estate Inventory[1] 6 Jan 1643/44 £174-12-04; no real estate included.

 Not To Be Confused With?: Thomas Scott (9)

Thomas was killed by John Ewe, who was eventually found guilty of causing his death by "misadventure." Thomas evidently did not die immediately, as his will was dictated to Edward Stebbing and Timothy Standley the day he died. The will leaves most of his estate to his wife and his son Thomas, who Thomas Sr. seemed to think may not outlive his wife. The will also mentions multiple daughters who should receive their portions of the estate at marriage or age 20. Thomas died before he could name his overseers. The inventory, totalling £174, 12s, mentions provisions for three daughters.[3]

At his death, Thomas held lands in the "North meadow", as well as lands in Hartford and Tunxis Cepus (Farmington). His daughters married Farmington men, but it does not appear Thomas lived there.

Children married Loomises and Porters, both cloth-making families originally from Essex.

A 40-year-old Thomas Scott sailed from Ipswich, England to Ipswich, MA in Apr 1634 with 9 year old daughter Elizabeth. This is not the correct Thomas - that Elizabeth married John Spofford. (The other Thomas is here.) [4]

Savage’s lists two Thomases, showing the difference:

THOMAS, Hartford 1637, had been, perhaps, of Cambridge, was k. 6 Nov. 1643, careless. by John Ewe, for wh. he. was. fin. L5. to the Col. and £10. to the wid. Aft. being wound. he made nuncup. will, held good, tho. incomplete, as not nam. overseers, provid. for wid. Ann, s. Thomas, and three ds. That s. was infirm in body, or mind, perhaps both, and liv. not long; and the wid. m. 7 Nov. 1644, Thomas Ford; and d. at Northampton, 5 May 1675. One d. Mary m. at the same time with her mo. Robert Porter; ano. Sarah, m. 5 Dec. 1645, John Staley; and the other, Elizabeth m. 3 or 6 Feb. 1649, John Loomis of Windsor.

THOMAS, Ipswich, came in the Elizabeth from Ipswich 1634, aged 40, with w. Elizabeth 40; and ch. Elizabeth 9; Abigail, 7; and Thomas, 6; was freem. 4 Mar. foll. made his will 8 Mar. 1654, names ea. of these ch. as liv. but that Thomas was at Stamford, and ment. younger ch. Hannah, Sarah, and Mary. In the same ship came Martha, aged 60, prob. mo. of this Thomas, and Richard Kimball, 39, by Scott, in his will, 20 yrs. later, call br. At Boston, Co. Lincoln, in 1630, was one Thomas Scott, that may have been the same as the preced. or the foll.

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    ORIGIN: Unknown.
    MIGRATION: 1634 (based on grant of land at Cambridge on 4 August 1634 [CaTR 9].
    BIRTH: By about 1597 (based on estimated date of marriage).
    DEATH: 6 November 1643 (died while dictating a nuncupative will on that date [CCCR 1:454-54; Manwaring 1:32-33]). (At a Connecticut Particular Court in early 1644 [probably in March], the "jury find that John Ewe, by misadventure, was the cause of the death of Tho[mas] Scott. The said John Ewe is fined to pay five pounds to the country and ten pounds to the widow Scotte" [CCCR 1:103; RPCC 25]).

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