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Thomas N. Godwin
b.25 Aug 1854 Lawrence Co, AR
d.Aft 1922 Sikestown, MO
m. 4 Aug 1846
  1. Louisa GodwinAbt 1847 - Bef 1898
  2. Ulysses S. Godwin1849 - 1931
  3. Margaret "Meg" Elizabeth Godwin1852 - 1895
  4. Thomas N. Godwin1854 - Aft 1922
  5. Frances Pamletta Godwin1856 - 1928
  6. Campsadellan "Dellie" Sarah Godwin1859 - 1923
  7. Wilson Mcclure Godwin1862 - 1944
  8. Corbette GodwinAbt 1863 -
  9. Laura Belle Godwin1865 - 1904
  • HThomas N. Godwin1854 - Aft 1922
  • WAmy Delaware MickAbt 1859 - Bet 1910 and 1920
m. 15 Mar 1878
  1. Amy Alice Godwin1880 -
  2. Albert "Bert" Godwin1884 -
  3. Annis Godwin1884 -
  4. Bessie Godwin1888 -
  5. Maud Godwin1893 -
  6. Mamie L. Godwin1893 - 1893
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Thomas N. Godwin
Gender Male
Birth? 25 Aug 1854 Lawrence Co, AR
Census[4][6] 1860 Twp 12 S Range 3 W, Union Co, IllinoisFederal
Census[5][7] 1870 Preston, Union, IllinoisFederal
Marriage 15 Mar 1878 Jonesboro, Union Co, ILto Amy Delaware Mick
Census[8] 1910 New Madrid, MOUS Federal
Census[9] 1920 Johnson Co, WYUS Federal
Death? Aft 1922 Sikestown, MO

Thomas N. Godwin of Cobden of the county of Union and Stat of Ill. of the age of 23 yrs. and Miss Amy D. Mick of Mt. Pl;easant in the County of Union and Stat of Ill. of the age of 18 yrs. were married March 15, 1878 by E. Lathrop minister of Gospel witness Wm. S. Hamers and Thomas P. Casper

Return of Marriage to county clerk states occupation of Thomas Godwin was Farmer born Law. Co. Ark. father Wilson Godwin, mother Artimis Corbit, first marriage. Bride Amy D. Mick , residence Mt. Pleasant , 19 yrs , born Stoddard Co. Mo. Father, John Mick, mother Minerva Henderson , first marriage Married at Jonesboro. Illinois

Illinois state has marriage listed under Thomas N. Dobbins. which is an error.

Civil war records of JB Cason state that Thomas, a brother to his wife, was in Sikeston Mo.

Daughter was born in Ark in 1880.

Not sure of place of death for Thomas

  1. 1910 Census, Missouri, New Madrid Co, West Twp, Primary quality.

    Godwin, Thomas N, head, age 55, married 26 yrs, b. AR, father b. NC, mother b. GA, general farmer, works out, cannot read or write
    Amy, wife, age 44, 6 children, 5 living, b. MO, father b. TN, mother b. IL
    Bert, son, age 19, single, b. IL, farm laborer
    Bessie, dau, age 18, single, b. IL
    Maud, dau, age 16, b. IL

  2. 1870 Census, Illinois, Union Co, M593, Roll 284, p. 519, 17 Jul 1870, Primary quality.

    Vessils, Simons, age 23, male farmer, b. MO
    Louisa, age 21, female, housekeeper, b. Ark

    Goodwin, Charles age 9, b. Ark
    Cauble, John, age 65, male, farmer, $3000 real estate, $500 personal, b. NC
    Goodwin, Thos, age 13, b. Ark

    Two houses down:
    Goodwin, Wilson age 51, farmer, personal $100, b. NC
    Amanda, age 41, housekeeper, b. Alabama
    Margaret, age 17, b. Ark
    Frances P, age 11, b. Ark
    Carrie D, age 10, b. Ark

  3. 1900 Census, Missouri.

    Godwin, Thomas b. Aug 1853 in Arkansas, day laborer, cannot read or write
    Amy, b. 1862 in MO, 6 chidlren, 5 living,
    Alice, daughter, b. Feb 1882 in Arkansas
    Annis, daughter, b. Sep 1884 in IL
    Albert, son, b. Jul 1884 in IL, working as a day laborer
    Bessie, b. Jan 1888 in IL
    Maud, b. Mar 1893 in IL

  4. 1860 Census, Illinois, Union Co, Roll: M653_231; Page: 646; Image: 3, 9 Aug 2007.

    Quality: 4 Verified: YES

  5. 1870 Census, Illinois, Union Co, Roll: M593_284; Page: 519; Image: 297., 9 Aug 2007, Primary quality.
  6. William Go(r)dwin, age 39, farmer, b. NC, cannot read or write
    Artimissas, age 29, b. Ala, cannot read or write
    Lenira, age 13, b. Ark, attended school within the year
    Ulessus, age 11, b. Ark, attended school
    Margaret, age 9, b. Ark, attended school
    Thomas, age 7, b. Ark, attended school
    Frances, age 3, b. Ark
    Sarah, age 4/12, b. Ark.
  7. Vessils, Simons, age 23, farmer, b. Mo, $50 of personal property, parents both of foreign birth
    Louisa, age 21, b. Ark, parents of foreign birth

    Goodwin, Charles, age 9 b. Ark, attended school, parents of foreign birth
    Canble, John, age 65, farmer, b. NC, $3000 of real estate, $500 personal property
    Goodwin, Thos. age 13, b. Ark, in school

    2 families down:
    Goodwin, Wilson age 51, farmer b. NC, $500 of personal property, cannot read or write
    Amanda, age 41, b. Ala, attended school during the year
    Margaret, age 17, b. Ark, attended school
    Frances P, age 11, b. Ark, attended school
    Carrie D, age 10, b. Ark (did not attend school)
  8. Madonna sent this info, haven't yet verified it.
    Thomas and Amy were living in New Madrid.
  9. Bert and Nellie and 2 children were living with Bert's father Thomas.
    (This is according to Madonna, hasn't yet been verified by me.)