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Thomas Fulton
b.Est. 1710-1718
d.Bef. April 1750 Augusta County, Virginia
  • HThomas FultonEst 1710-1718 - Bef 1750
  • WMargaret PattonEst 1715-1720 - Abt 1776
m. Est 1735-1738
  1. Thomas FultonEst 1735-1739 - Bef 1793
  2. Margaret Fulton1740-1743 - 1768
  3. Isabelle Fultonest 1740-1748 - AFT 1780
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Fulton
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1710-1718
Marriage Est 1735-1738 to Margaret Patton
Death? Bef. April 1750 Augusta County, Virginia

Estate Records of Thomas Fulton

  • Page 161.--April, 1750. Thomas Fulton's appraisement, by Andrew Hamilton, John Graham, Daniel O'Hara. (Subscribers acknowledge this to be a true copy of our judgment according to our best knowledge of the worth and value and estate of Thos. Fulton. Witness 18th August, 1766.
  • Page 317.--18th May, 1759. Thomas Fulton's estate settlement--Debts paid to Charles Goodall, Saml. Hodge, Robt. Gween, Thos. Weems, Hugh Young.

Information on Thomas Fulton

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From: "Norma F. Jennings" <> Subject: [FULTON] re:Thomas Fulton, Augusta Co. Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 15:32:24 -0500

Thomas Fulton of Augusta County married Margaret Patton, sister to William Patton. For her estate records and that of her brother, William Patton, check out the Fulton manuscripts. at:

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From: "Norma F. Jennings" <> Subject: Re: [FULTON] Mysterious Samuel Fulton NC-FL-LA part 2- Augusta VA connection Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 09:13:05 -0500 References: <>

Richard, your analysis of Thomas and Margaret (Patton) Fulton follows some of my earlier interpretations of this family. However, you needed to read further to find another pertinent part of the research to really sort out this family.

First of all, you need to know that there are some errors in transcriptions in Chalkley's records, as wonderful as they are as a resource.

The grandchildren of Margaret Cawley, namely William and Margaret Fulton are the children of her son Thomas Fulton, not of her daughter married to a Thomas Fulton.

Her daughter Margaret married Joseph Gambel,. thus the grandson named William Gambel is the son of her daughter and Joseph Gambel. Thomas Fulton, Sr. and his wife Margaret Patton were innkeepers in Staunton, Virginia. After his death Margaret's second husband, John Cawley also was an innkeeper in Staunton. Margaret's (Patton) son Thomas Fulton went to Camden, South Carolina in 1764. He died before his mother leaving the two children William and Margaret. In her will, Margaret Cawley clearly refers to William Gambell as her grandson, son of Joseph Gambel. If she had been married to Joseph Gamble, she would have said son William, not grandson. It appears that both of her children preceded her in death as her brother William Patton also refers to Thomas Fulton as deceased when he mentions the children of Thomas Fulton.

The existence of two Joseph Gambells and two Thomas Fultons and multiple William Pattons makes this difficult to follow so bear with me if I take a wrong bend here. It is important to remember here to look at the dates. John Cawley died (1775) two years before Joseph Gambel was k. 1779 (father of William Gamble, see estate for his siblings) which precludes the possibility of John Cawley marrying the widow of this Joseph Gambel. William Patton later states that Joseph Gambel persuaded him to leave the house of Mrs. Cawley (which would have been William's sister Margaret Patton Fulton Cawley). Margaret Fulton Gambel died in 1768, mother of William Gambel, who was the grandson of Margaret Fulton Cawley). (Her mother was still living when she died.) Joseph remarried to "Isabella", second wife, I believe. John Cawley d. two years before Joseph Gambel and before his wife Margaret Cawley. You will note that Joseph Gambel had several minor children who were born after his wife Margaret had died. Thus, the 2nd wife Isabella conclusion.

I enclose an excerpt of my research on this family that is on the Fulton website with a few added notes...

"Just who were the Gambles or Gamwells that we find in association with the Patton and Fulton families.

Joseph Gamble was killed by a stroke of a horse 1779. His spouse and family are located in the transactions pertaining to his estate.

MARCH, 1796 depositions after courthouse fire. (F to K).

William Gamble,(Heir of Margaret Cawley) John Gamble, infants above 16; Joseph Gamble, infant above 11 years; Sarah Gamble, infant above 16; Margaret Gamble, infant above 14; Agnes Gamble, infant above 12; surviving orphans of Joseph Gamble, deceased, by William Gamble, their next friend, vs. William Patton and Isabella Gamble. (stepmother ??)

--In 1779 Joseph Gamble, father of orators and oratrices, died intestate, and William Patton and Joseph's widow, Isabella, administered. William Gamble is elder brother as well as next friend. Bill for settlement, 1792.

Spa. to revive against David Stephenson and Mathew Patton, executors of William Patton, deceased, dated 20th June, 1793. William Patton's answer says, 10th January, 1793: Joseph Gamble in his lifetime prevailed upon William Patton to leave the house of Mrs. Cawley, in Staunton, and go to his plantation to labor for him, which William did about 1st March, 1777. After Joseph's death, William had no desire to remain with Joseph's family, but Isabella persuaded him to remain one year on wages. Joseph Gamble was killed by a stroke of a horse. Hugh Botkin is about to remove out of the State, 23d August, 1792.

Page 353.--10th February, 1775. John Cawley's will, of Staunton--To wife, Margaret; estate to be divided between children of elder brother, Michael and younger brother, Thomas, and sister Margaret; to brother, Michael; devises to be sold: 3 hides in possession of Harman Lovingood, tanner, also the venire money due from the Colony on account of Bridget Doyle, criminal, also claims against the County for the past expedition; to Valentine Cloninger. Executors, John Poage and Capt. Alex. McClenachan Teste: Saml. Bell, James Culbertson, Daniel Kidd. Proved, 20th June, 1775, by the witnesses. Widow Margaret renounces the provisions of the will. Alex. McClenachan qualifies with William Bowyer, Daniel Kidd. John Poage also qualifies."

Page 272.--27th September, 1769. John Cawley and Margaret, of Staunton, to Sampson and George Mathews, £40, 1/2 lot of woodland on northwest of Staunton, 14 acres, part in No. 9 and part in No. 10, surveyed for Robert McClenachan lying between lots of James Hughes and John Kerr, see deed McClenachan to Margaret and Joseph Gamwell, 22d May; 1760; also 1/2 of a half-acre lot in Staunton; half of lot No. 5 also conveyed by McClenachan in above deed; both which pieces since sold by Gamwell to Archer Mathews, the remainder being conveyed by Joseph Gamwell, to said John Cawley, now husband of the late said Margaret Gamwell, August, 1777. Teste: Pat. Lockhart, William Mitchell, Euphemia Hughes, John (Joseph Gamwell was the husband of the late said Margaret Gamwell d. bef. 1768, not John Cawley)

Page 277.--27th September, 1769. John Cawley, of Staunton, innkeeper, to Sampson and George Mathews, £50.9.2, 5 horses, 1 iron kettle fixed in the kitchen, and all household furniture, mortgage; if this is not sufficient, then Mathews are to sell a 1/2 lot in Staunton whereon John now lives, and 13 acres of wood land belonging thereto conveyed to Mathews this day.

Page 353.--23d August, 1783. John Cawley's estate further appraised.


Anyway this is how we had finally interpreted it after much rereading, crosschecking, etc.

Norma Jennings