Person:Samuel Wilbore (2)

m. 13 Jan 1619/20
  1. Samuel Wilbore1622 -
  2. Arthur Wilbore1623 - 1624
  3. William Wilbore1626 - 1626
  4. Joseph Wilbore1629/30 - 1691
  5. Shadrach Wilbore1631 - bef 1697
  6. Sarah WilborABT 1633 -
m. 1648
  1. Abigail Wilbour - 1730
  2. Hannah Wilbur
  3. Rebecca WilboreAbt 1653 - 1728
  4. Elizabeth Wilbur
  5. John Wilbur - Bef 1711
Facts and Events
Name[1] Samuel Wilbore
Alt Name Samuel Wilbor
Gender Male
Christening? 10 Apr 1622 Sible Hedingham, Essex, England
Death? Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Marriage 1648 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusettsto Hannah Porter
Will[2] 7 Nov 1710 Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, United Stateswill proved

Samuel Wilbore was the eldest of the three young brothers who came to America with their parents from their birthplace of Sible Hedingham, England. After the family's sojourn in Boston, the young Samuel moved to the colony of Rhode Island. There he lived in three different settlements -- Portsmouth, Kingston and, finally, Little Compton, where he resided until his death.

During his stay in Boston he must have met a young lady named Hannah Porter for, after moving to Portsmouth, he brought her there from Boston to be married in 1648. She was just 15 years old at the time, 11 years younger than he. Her parents, John and Elizabeth Lang Porter, originally from Dedham, England, were married in Boston where their daughter was born, then later followed her to Rhode Island. At the time of their marriage, Rhode Island was sparsely settled, as it was only four years after Roger Williams had obtained the official patent for a colony on behalf of his Providence settlement and three other communities (one of which Samuel's father had helped establish). True to the principles of freedom of religion and politics Williams and his compatriots espoused, it was a society made up of residents who were resolutely self-reliant and generally tolerant of the views of others. So far as is known, Samuel and Hannah Wilbore had but one child, Rebeca. (Although there may have been another, Abigail, who probably died young). Both lived full lives, Samuel to age 75, Hannah 89. (Taken from: A Family History, by Donovan Faust)
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  2. .

    WILL: Dated Aug. 21, 1678; pvd Nov. 7, 1710 Portsmouth. Wife Hannah; son John; Daughters: Hannah Clarke wife of Latham Clarke of Portsmouth, dau. who is wife of Caleb Arnold; 3 youngest daughters under 16 & unmarried: Elizabeth, Mary and Rebecca; Grandson Latham Clarke; Grandson Samuel Arnold; Cousins William Wilbur Sr., Ann Wilbur daughter of Joseph Wilbur, Samuel Wilbur son of Shadrach Wilbur; Wife's sister Sarah Sherman; Francis Gisborne. [Portsmouth Land Evidence 1697-1714, p. 2]

  3.   BIOGRAPHY: Genealogical Record of The Wilbur Family. Complied by Asa Wilbur of Boston. Printed For The Family 1871 Page 9 - 10 Samuel Wilbor, jun., eldest son of Samuel Wildbore of Boston, was settled in Portsmouth, R.I., on his father's estate, which was afterwards bequeathed to him in his father's will. He married Hannah Porter, daughters of John Porter. He had one son, named John, and four daughters,--viz., Elizabeth, who was married to Morris Freelove; Abigail, who was married to Caleb Arnold; Joanna, who was married to Latham Clark; and Rebecca, who was married to Samuel Bowering. It is probable he and William had the care of the possessions on the island; and Joseph and Shadrach, of the property in Taunton; and the father, a kind of superintendence of the whole during his life. Samuel's name, as one of the patentees, is found in the Royal Charter of 1663. He became a man of wealth, having large possessions on the island. He held many responsible stations, and was much esteemed by the residents. In his will, which bears date in 1678, are mentioned, in addition to his five children as above, "Ann Wilbor, daughter of Joseph Wilbor" (undoubtedly his niece); "Samuel, son of Shadrach Wilbor"(his nephew); and "William Wilbor, sen.;" and also "Francis Gisborne." To all these he gave lands, and to some of them other property. His wife Hannah was made residuary legatee. He died in 1710. His precise age is not known, although it much have been over eighty.