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Samuel Smalley
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Smalley
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1790 North Riding, Yorkshire, England
Christening? abt 1790 Grindleton, Yorkshire, England

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  1. Birth: North Riding, , Yorkshire, England; Christening: 26 SEP 1790 Grindleton, Yorkshire, England; Father: John SMALLEY; Mother: Martha FRANKLAND; with no source informatio
  2. Gender: Male Christening: 13 NOV 1791 Waddington, Yorkshire, England; Father William; Source: P009211,1599 - 1600 ,0599996 Film, 0537055 Film.

Both location are within a few miles of each other but the Fathers listed are different. 1861 Census records Grindleton as birthplace which could explain why the non-source IGI has it as the birthplace. But where did they get parents?