Person:Samuel McCutcheon (3)

Samuel McCutcheon
b.est. 1731
d.AFT 1807
m. Abt. 1728
  1. James McCutcheonAbt 1728 -
  2. William McCutcheon, Merchantest 1730 -
  3. Samuel McCutcheonest 1731 - AFT 1807
  4. John "Tree John" McCutcheonAbt 1732 - Bef 1757
m. 23 JUN 1753
  1. James McCutcheon1754 -
  2. John McCutcheon1755 - 1841
  3. Sarah McCutcheon1757 -
  4. William McCutcheon1758 - 1848
  5. Elizabeth McCutcheon1760 - 1847
  6. Margaret McCutcheon1762 -
  7. Elinor McCutcheon1764 -
  8. Margaret McCutcheon1766 -
  9. Samuel McCutcheon, Jr.1768 -
  10. Jane McCutcheon1770 -
  11. Frances McCutcheon1772 -
  12. James McCutcheon1775 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel McCutcheon
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1731
Marriage 23 JUN 1753 Augusta County, Virginiato Elizabeth Fulton
Death? AFT 1807
Vital Records

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Samuel McCutcheon was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 398.--19th June, 1770. John ( ) McCutchon to Samuel McCutchon, £200, 442 acres in Beverley Manor; corner William McCutchon's land; corner James McCutchon's. Teste: David Fulton. Delivered: Samuel McCutchon, May Court, 1774. (Note: this land was sold to Samuel from his father, John McCutcheon).