Person:Samuel McCune (2)

Samuel McCune
m. ABT 1740
  1. Rachel McCune1744 -
  2. Mary McCune1746 -
  3. John McCune1748/49 - 1812
  4. Archibald McCuneABT 1751 - BEF 1849
  5. Elizabeth McCuneABT 1753 - BEF 1840
  6. William McCuneABT 1755 -
  7. Samuel McCuneABT 1755 -
  8. Anna McCuneABT 1757 - 1807
  9. James McCuneABT 1761 - 1795
Facts and Events
Name Samuel McCune
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1755 Augusta County, Virginia

Samuel McCune, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Declaration of Samuel McCune

  • Vol. 2 - Samuel McCune, Sr's., Declaration: Aged about seventy-seven years; was drafted as militiaman in August, 1776, at Staunton under Captain Thomas Smith and Lieut. Charles Baskins; marched to Point Pleasant where his company was under command of Colonel Dickinson, of whose regiment George Skillern was Lieutenant-Colonel and Samuel McDowell was Major; remained there some time, when Gen. Hand arrived from Pittsburgh and discharged them. They returned home in January, 1777. Was drafted again in September or October, 1780, and rendevouzed at Teas' (now Waynesboro) under command of Capt. Buchanan and Lieut. Wilson; marched via Lynchburg to Carolina, joining Gen. Morgan's troops at Hillsborough, N. C., thence to Guilford, thence through Salisbury to Rigeley's Mills, thence to Cowpens, where he was engaged in the battle, thence with five hundred prisoners returned to Salisbury and was there discharged. On this tour he was absent four months. Was again drafted in August, 1781; rendevouzed at Teas' under Capt. Francis Long and Lieut. John Crawford; marched to Richmond, joining troops under Gen. LaFayette at Michunk in Albemarle County, thence with LaFayette's army by New Kent to Hotwater, where he was in the battle; there he was slightly wounded by being tramped by a British light-horseman; thence marched to Green Springs, near Williamsburg, where he was again engaged with the British, being under the command of Major Rucker, who brought on the action. In 1781 the governor issued a proclamation inviting persons to bring cattle for troops at York and declarant assisted in driving cattle from Teas'. Declarant was born in Augusta County in 1755.