Person:Samuel Jackson (59)

Samuel Jackson
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Jackson
Gender Male
Death? bef 1739 Prince William, Virginia

NOTE: DNA test results from Samuel's descendants have indicated that this Samuel is closely related to Robert Jackson of Hempstead, Queens County, New York. As of February, 2010, no connection has been found. But it is known that Robert of Hempstead mentioned in his will a son named Samuel who was born about 1645-1647. Since nothing more is known about Robert's son Samuel, it is tempting to conjecture and wonder if this Samuel in Prince William was Robert's son. The DNA says there is a close relationship.

Comments from User:JackMc: So we see two alternatives for Samuel; he could be Robert's son or he could be related to another early immigrant who was related to Robert in England. There is a book called "Mayflower" by Nathaniel Philbrick which raises some interesting possibilities. Since Robert Jackson was evidently part of a Separatist group and came from Scrooby, the story in the book has led to some interesting possibilities for our Jackson research in Virginia. Within the book was mentioned a Francis Blackwell that took another group of separatists to the Isle of Wight County, Virginia a few years earlier than the Mayflower. And that has led to an Edward Bennettt who also brought separatists to the Isle of Wight and he has descendants married into a Richard Jackson lineage, this Richard being born in England died prior to 1666. There is also a Samuel Jackson in this Isle of Wight information and he might be the Samuel we find in Stafford Co. in the early 1600s.

Comments from Marty Grundy, historian: There is no biological reason that the DNA somehow started all fresh with Robert of Hempstead. It has to go back to earlier generations, which then brings a whole new batch of cousins into play. Checking now into the historical record has already opened up some interesting possibilities. The next step is to see if the next few generations back can be pieced together, those before any of these Separatists left England. The problem is that's when the written records begin to get dicey. Most parish records do not go back farther than the last third or so of the 1500s. If folks are wealthy enough, there should be wills, or if they are gentry or minor nobility, there may be records. Otherwise it is pretty difficult to trace family connections. --end of comments from Mrs. Grundy--

We may never know unless someone finds something more about Robert's son Samuel. Or if someone from England has done some DNA work and has the ability to compare DNA to Robert's line here in America.

The following deeds have been found and transcribed in an effort to learn about this Samuel and the history of his land and the land surrounding his.

Relationship of Samuel to his son Francis is proved by an analysis of deeds and the fact of his grandson also named Francis selling the 200 acres mentioned in Samuel's original 1694 deed. For deeds proving the relationship of son, Francis, and grandson, Francis, see the Notes of both Francis the son and Francis the grandson.

Apparently the land Samuel was granted was situated in the part of Stafford County which later was cut out in 1731 as part of Prince William County. After Dettingen Parish was established in 1745, the land was said to be in Dettingen Parish..

1694 Sep 25 200A was conveyed by said Andrew Gibson to Samuel Jackson. (These 200 acres later sold by "Samuel's grandson" Francis Jackson to Tebbs in 1766 and mentioned again in a Tebbs deed in 1788.)

1766 Oct 6 Deed Book Q, 1763-1768, pages 394-395. Lease & release Francis Jackson of Dettingen Parish hath sold unto Foushee TEBBS and his heirs all that parcel of land containing 200 acres in County of Prince William being part of a Patent for 6,710 acres lying upon Quantiquot Creek and Powells Run in County of Prince William… tract of land of two hundred acres was conveyed by Andrew Gibson gentleman of the County of Stafford to Samuel Jackson grandfather to the said Francis Jackson by deed of feoffment bearing date the twenty fifth day of September in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and ninety four. (According to 1788 doc, this Francis is NOT the same Francis who had land adjoining Samuel 1694)

1694 Oct 15 DB 2, pg 36 450 acres From Margaret Lady Culpeper to Samuel Jackson on main run Quanticott Creek, Stafford County. (Note that 234 acres of this 450 acres were sold in deed Feb 1739 by Samuel's son John who received it by will. We do not have this will yet (Feb 2010) but this does indicate Samuel died sometime before Feb 1739. Abstract of this deed is in John's Notes.)

1701 14 May, John West, J. Peake, James Herriford and Samuel Jackson met at the home of Mrs. Ann Owsley and took an inventory of the effects of Thomas Owsley and on 2 June 1701 appraised their value. An additional inventory was held on 6 October 1701 which included "one sorrey Indian slave, one lame boy about 9 years old, one old bull, one old servant" (Stafford Co. Record Book, 1699-1709, p. 114). See 1723 below where mention is made of John Peake having the Jackson orphans. These weren't Samuel's children though, because he was still alive and paid his rent due on the same 1723 record of the orphans.

1710 Sep 25 111 acres From Maruritte Lady Fairfax to Samuel Jackson on the Main Run of Quanticott, adjoining his own land.

The above are the three parcels Samuel is recorded as owning during his lifetime. Info below show Samuel still living on the land.

1708 Nov 7 3-191 Robert Hedges of Stafford Co. 160A on Quanticott Cr. in Stafford Co. Wrnt Adjoins Sam'l Jackson. see 1712 & 1731 & 1741.

1723 Quit Rent was lawfully demanded of Samuel Jackson for 460 acres. It is in this record that mention is made that "John Peake has the Jackson orphans." As of January 2010, it is unknown who these children are.

1730 Apr 10 C-58 John Ashmore of Stafford Co., 510A in Stafford Co on Br of Quantiquo adj Samuel Jackson.

1731 Aug 27 C-10 John Farrow of PWC had 724 acres on the branches of Quantico adjoining the lands of Robert Hedges, Francis Jackson & Samuel Jackson. See 1708 3-191. This is the first deed showing Francis and Samuel with adjoining land but see that Samuel's land also adjoined Hedges in the 1708 deed mentioned above.

1741 Jan 16 E-402 Thomas Harrison of PWC, Gent. 221 A in PWC on Quantico Run adj Robert Hedges, Francis Jackson, Philemon Waters, Samuel Jackson's now Harrison's land. serv. by Capt. Joseph Berry. See 1708.