Person:Samuel Briggs (21)

Samuel Briggs
d.bef. 16 October 1792 Lincoln County, Kentucky
  • HSamuel Briggs1739 - bef 1792
  • WMary Loganbef 1740 - 1810
m. est. 1762
  1. Jane 'Betsy' Briggsabt 1762 - 1800
  2. Benjamin Briggs1765 - 1847
  3. Hannah Briggsabt 1778 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Briggs
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1739 Poss. Pennsylvania
Marriage est. 1762 Virginiato Mary Logan
Death[1] bef. 16 October 1792 Lincoln County, Kentucky[Will Proven]

Samuel Briggs was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will Abstract

Will dated 27 May 1792. Probated 16 Oct 1792.
Legatees: Wife Mary, son Benjamin; daughter Jean Todd; Children Margaret Drake; Joseph; my youngest daughter Elizabeth, Hannah and Rachel Briggs.
Executors: Wife, Benjamin. Witnesses: Benjamin Logan, John Magill, Hugh Logan.
Source: Lincoln County, KY Will Book 1

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 431.--19th August, 1761. John Megill (Magill, McGill) and Mary to Samuel Brigs, £24; 120 acres, part of 300 acres patented to said John, 12th May, 1759, on North River of Shanandoe; John McClure's land, opposite James Megill's. Teste: Will Brown, Frances ( ) Brown.
  • Page 109.--23d March, 1768. John ( ) McClure and Mary ( ) McClure to Samuel Briggs, Benj. Harrison, Francis Erwin, cows, sheep, hogs, horses, 8 reads for use of weavers, £27, mortgage. Teste: Benj. Logan, Edward Erwin, Elizabeth McClure, Jas. Campbell. Delivered: James Trimble, 14th December, 1773.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 511.--21st August, 1770. Samuel ( ) Briggs and Mary ( ) to John Logan, £45, 120 acres, part of 380 acres patented to John Megill, 12th May, 1759, and conveyed to Samuel, 19th August, 1761, on north side of North River of Shannadore; corner John McClure, opposite James McGill's. Teste: Samuel Patterson, George Rutledge. Delivered: John Logan, June, 1773.

Processioning List of 1760 & 1767/8

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settler’s lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:
  • Vol. 2 - Page 295.--1760: Processioned by John Hopkins, David Ralston, in Capt. Ephraim Love's Company: For Thomas Gordon, for Francis Green, for Jeremiah Harrison, for Daniel Love, for Daniel Callkin, for Robert Cravens, for Thos. Harrison, for Ephraim Love, for Widow Johnston, for Alex. Herring, for Edward Shankling, for Widow Logan, for William Logan, for John Cravens, for Widow McDonel, for Joseph Cravens, for Wm. Hopkins, for John Hopkins, for Thomas Shankling, for Alex. Miller, for Mathew Black, for Thos. Campbell, for Daniel Harrison, for Daniel Harrison, Jr., for Samuel Harrison, for Robert Harrison, for Pat. Guin, for Wm. Snoding, for John Fowler, for David Nelson, for Samuel Briges, for John McGill, for Christopher Thompson, for John Wright, for Archibald Hopkins.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 444.--1767-1768: Processioned by Robt. Cravens and Jeremiah Harrison: For Daniel Smith, for Lennard Herren, for Samuel Sample, for Thomas Harrison, for John Harrison, for Wm. Snaddone, for John McClure, for Saml. Briggs, for John McGill, for John Fowler, for Saml. Hemphill, for Jeremiah Harrison, for William Gregg, for Pat. Guin, for Jno. Cravens, for Robt. Cravens, for Daniel Love, for Daniel Harrison, for John Brown, for David Ralston, for John Hinton, for Vaulintine Saveyer, for Francis Hughes, for Alex. Harrison, for James Fowler, for Edward Shanklin, for Jennett McDonaId, for Alex. Miller, for Jno. Hardman, for Henry Ewen (Erven), for William Ervin, for Andw. Ervin, for Walter Crow, for Michael Waren, for John Curry.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 75.--19th August. 1761. Daniel Smith's settlement of estate of Jacob Sivers approved--Paid Woolrick Conrod, Gabriel Kyle; paid 1 clerk's note for swearing into your commission; paid Jno. Wright for crying the vendue; paid Henry Pircy for liquor; paid David Rule; paid Christian Lower (Sower?); paid Paul Shaver; paid Horrical Hufman; paid Henry Baninger; paid Sarah Harrison for liquor for vendue; paid Margaret Johnson for appraising the estate. Sale bill, viz: To John McCoy, Valentine Butcher, Henry Smith, Wm. Snodon, Saml. Briggs, Robt. Gragg, Jno. Dunkle, Ludwick Waggoner, Jno. Skidmore, Jonas Friend, Nicholas Havener. Received of Benj. Hagler, Robt. Minnis, Henry Penigar.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 21, 1766. - (358) Saml. Briggs, witness. Wm. Joy, witness. John Sleet, witness from Orange County, 78 miles.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 17, 1767. - (341) Grand jurors: Nathanl. Evans, Joseph Raburn, Saml. McPheeters, Francis Erwin, Robt. Thompson, Henry Stone, James McCain, John Ramsey, Archibald Fisher, John White, Henry Campbell, Saml. Briggs, Richd. Renalds, Hugh Hays, Joseph Malcolm, David Laird, John Francis, John Black, James Leatherdale, John McClure, Hugh Donaho.
  • Vol. 2 - George Fugate vs. Mahon--O. S. 177; N. S. 63--Bill, 1808. In 1772 Francis Fugate, father of orator, settled on a tract within now County Russell, on big Moccasin Creek, where he lived until his death. In 1774 he had a survey made under the Loyal Company; but in 1781 when he applied to the Commissioners for a certificate, Robert Trimble claimed the land by an improvement before Francis, and got the certificate. About 15 days afterward Francis died intestate. Orator was infant, oldest son and heir, the widow was Agnes, who married _____ Mahan. Agness answers in Russell County, 1809. In 1771 Francis was living in Washington County and purchased from a negro (man of color) William Car, a tract on Mockerson Creek who is supposed to have bought from John Morgan. In 1771 there was a small cabin on the land called Robert Trimble's cabin, into which the Fugate family moved. Francis Fugate swore he would die before he gave up the land (in 1781), but in about 30 days he was dashed to pieces by a fall from his horse, leaving six small children. Answer of John Wood and Allen Riley in Russell, 1809. Agness is widow of Henry Mahon. In 1792 Francis's estate is distributable as follows: Wife, Nancy, (now Mahon); daughter, Mary (now Davis); son, George; daughters, Sarah and Peggy; son, Francis. Henry Dickeson deposes at Russell Co. Ho., 4th July, 1810, he first knew the land in 1776. First knew Robert Trimble in 1775; he was living near Abingdon and moved to Kentucky. Zachariah Fugate deposes ditto. He was on the land in 1777; brother of Francis; they had a brother Hendley Fugate. Agness was a widow with a son named James, before she married Francis. George was 8 or 9 years old when Francis died. John Fugate deposes ditto. Wm. Baldridge deposes ditto. _____ Colebert Fugate was uncle of orator. John Montgomery deposes in Russell County, 1810. In 1771 he moved out to this country in company with his father, Alexander Montgomery, his mother, Martha, and his brother, Alexander, and others. The same fall Robert Trimble, Benj. Logan and some others stayed at his father's house. William Carr is supposed to be a near relation to Genl. Joseph Martain. Deponent's brother, Alexander, is a gunsmith who is 2-1/2 years older than deponent. Deponent is now 46. John Tate deposes in Russell. He moved to this country in 1771 and in 1772 it was said by the old settlers that if Francis Cooper had not sold his place to John Morgan he might now have had it to live on himself. Morgan sold to Karr before deponent came to this country. John Smith, Esq., deposes in Russell 24th February, 1810. He moved to this country in 1769 or 1770 in fall of the year, in company with John Morgan and others. John Fregor deposes in Russell County, 15th February, 1810, that he moved to Moquesin Creek to the place where he now lives, in company with Francis Fugate et als, who were then moving their families in 1771 or 1772. Deponent's son Joseph was born 16th September, 1771. Jesse Kain also settled near. Alexander Montgomery deposes in Russell, 7th March, 1810, that in 1771 he moved with his father to this part of the country and lived with his father 8 or 10 years. In 1772 one William Huston, _____ Frazier, and Francis Fugate returned up Mockerson and Fugate said he had been improving land at the Rocky Spring. Francis Fugate moved there with his family in 1772 or 3. Deponent was 48 years old the first of last month. John Tate deposes in Russell County, 24th February, 1810. He moved to Moquesin Creek with his family in the last of November, 1772, and Francis Fugate was then living on the land. Francis died in 1781. Francis's widow had four children by Francis living at his death, and was pregnant with another. Samuel Haddox deposes, 10th August, 1810, in Clay County, Kentucky, in 1780 he moved to the land in dispute. Francis's stepson was 10 or 11 years old at the time of Francis's death. Deponent believes Allen Riley was not even born in 1770 and in 1781 he was probably in Fauquier County. Benjamin Fugate deposes 10th August, 1810, in Clay County, Kentucky. About 31 or 2 years ago he came to the place in dispute and lived there about two years. On 13th day of the month after the Commissioners' Court sat, Francis was killed by a fall from his horse. Francis had a son George and three daughters, and the child his wife was bearing was a boy. Hanah Fugate deposes, 10th August, 1810, in Clay County, Kentucky. John Campbell deposes 24th August, 1810, in Washington County, Virginia. In 1771 or 1772 Robert Trimble moved with his family to this country and settled about two miles from the land in question, lived there until some time after the Commissioners' Court, and then moved to Kentucky. Mary Moffett deposes 24th August, 1810, in Washington County. She remembers that in 1772 Robert Trimble moved to the country. Trimble was then married to Mary's husband's sister. John Vance deposes, 24th August, 1810, in Washington County. He moved to the country in 1771. John McCullock deposes as above. About five months after Trimble built his cabin, Mockerson Creek became totally vacated for fear of Indians, and remained so about a year or more, Francis was one of the first settlers that returned. (John Campbell says he has known Jno. McCullogh since a boy.) John Montgomery deposes 13th August, 1810, in Russell County. In 1771 he moved to this country with his father, Alexr. James Davison deposes in Russell, 11th July, 1810. On 1st January, 1774, deponent moved to Mockerson Creek; has known Alexr. Montgomery ever since 1774, when Alex was 12 or 13 years old (perhaps not so much). John Frasure deposes as above. He moved to the place where he now lives on Mockerson Creek in company with Francis Fugate and others in 1771 or 1772. It was customary for hunters to mark or brand trees (when hunting), sometimes with powder or coal. Deponent's son Joseph was born 16th September, 1771. Mary Frazier deposes as above. Joseph Davison deposes as above. Jesse Cain married deponent's wife's sister. Colbert Fugate is married to John Tate's daughter. Mary Davison deposes as above. She is now in her fiftieth year, and thinks she was about 14 when she came to this country, when she saw Francis Fugate living in a cabin. Jesse Cain married Mary's sister. John McCulogh (ck) deposes at Abingdon, 20th August, 1810, about a day before Christmas in 1770 deponent's father moved with his family to Mockerson Creek and made a settlement within about two miles of the land now in controversy. About early in 1771, Robert Trimble came to deponent's father's looking for land. Shortly afterwards Trimble returned and asked assistance in raising a cabin. Deponent's father and Thomas Whurry and two or three other men went. (Deponent was then about 8 years old.) Deponent went along. In the fall of 1771 Trimble came with his family and stopped at Samuel Briggs's, near where Abingdon stands, took up land in Walker's grant and moved his family there. Francis Fugate was a rash, overbearing man. At the time Trimble built his cabin there was not a family on the north side of Clinch Mountain nearer than ten miles except deponent's father No one was living on the creek except his father. Deponent's father was dead at the time the Commissioners sat in 1781. Isbel McCullock deposes as above. Is mother of John McCullock. She was acquainted with Mrs. Trimble when she lived in Augusta. Rachel Jameson deposes as above. Is sister of John McCullock and two years older. Her father moved to Moqueson Creek in 1770. Some little time after Robert Trimble and John Gross and some others came to her father's house. In June, 1771 her father moved his family to North Fork of Holstein.
  • Vol. 2 - Christopher Acklin vs. Francis Walker--O. S. 17; N. S. 6--Bill filed 1802--Settlement of Wolf Hill tract in Washington County belonging to Thomas Walker, deceased, father of Francis. Other settlers were Saml. Biggs, James Craig, Saml. Evans, David Getgood, John Vance. John Vance deposes, 19th August, 1803, at house of John McCormick in Abingdon, that between 1773 and 1775 he and Christopher Acklin settled on the Wolf Hill tract, deponent having purchased a settlement of John Huston; Daniel Smith was Dr. Walker's agent. James Crow settled on the Wolf Hill tract in 1778; James Piper was also a settler. Francis Walker went to school to Daniel Smith, the agent. Josiah Gamble deposes in Blount County, Tennessee, 10th March, 1803, that he and Daniel Smith were the agents of Walker, and Acklin was the first settler on the land in dispute. Daniel Smith deposes at his own house in Sumner County, Tennessee, 12th March, 1804. Robert Doaek was Walker's agent before Smith, in years 1770-72. Alexander Brackenridge deposes in Bourbon County, 10th June, 1803: In 1769?1776 a certain Robert Doak said he was agent for Dr. Thos. Walker and induced Alexr. to take a part of the lands, and he, in November of same year, went there and built a cabin, and in September, 1770, he moved there. In 1772 Doak came and laid off the lands to the settlers. In 1773 settlers were advertised to meet at the house of Samuel Briggs.
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