Person:Roger Chandler (2)

Roger Chandler
b.Abt 1636
  • HRoger ChandlerAbt 1636 - 1716/7
  • WMary Simonds1647 - 1728
m. 25 Apr 1671
  1. Mary Chandler1671 - 1759
  2. Samuel Chandler1673/4 - 1743
  3. Abigail Chandler1681 - 1766
Facts and Events
Name Roger Chandler
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1636
Marriage 25 Apr 1671 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Simonds
Death[1] 11 Jan 1716/7 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

"Claims have been made that Roger Chandler of Concord was a son of this ROGER CHANDLER , mainly on the basis of the identity of names and on the statement by Shattuck that "Roger Chandler, and twenty others of Plymouth Colony, had a grant of four hundred acres of land in Concord in 1658" [ Shattuck 367]. The specificity of the grant of land to "the three sisters, the daughters of Roger Chandler, deceased," in 1665 would seem to rule out the possibility that the immigrant was survived by any sons, but the Concord connection remains a tantalizing clue, as a number of other Plymouth residents removed to Concord about this time as well. (See Charles H. Chandler, The Descendants of Roger Chandler of Concord, Mass., 1658 [Provo UT 1949].)" (Great Migration: Roger Chandler)

On the other hand, Roger of Concord's age at death suggests he had just attained his own majority in 1658, and being described as "of Plymouth", received his grant in Concord, possibly for moving there, i.e., not apparently due to any rights of his father, whoever he was. Text of the Plymouth grant to the daughters here, states the grant is "according to the desire of John Bundey", and so, without the original request, we cannot tell the purpose. In other words, it is not clear it involves rights inherited from the father, or whether it reflects residence at the time of the grant, which would exclude a son who has moved out of the county. Source:Chandler, Charles H. Descendants of Roger Chandler of Concord, Mass, p. 23, seems to make a more balanced statement: "Roger Chandler of Concord, Mass., is assumed to have been the son of Roger Chandler of Duxbury, although an entirely satisfactory basis for this assumption cannot be claimed. Strong presumptive evidence, however, is not lacking." The evidence being namely the relative ages, description of younger Roger as "of Plymouth", and common names, plus no known connection to the family of Edmund Chandler or other alternative parentage.
  1. Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1635-1850. (Boston: Beacon Press, 1891), p. 89.

    Roger Chandler ye Husband of mary his wife Dyed January 11 day 1716 : 17 [aged about 80 yrs. g.s.]
    [Birth about 1636.]

  2.   Chandler, Charles H. The descendants of Roger Chandler of Concord, Mass. (Provo, Uath: Herald Print. Co., 1949), p. 23-4.

    Will of "Roger Chandler of Concord ... cooper", dated 6 Nov 1705, mentions wife Mary [sole executrix], son Samuel; eldest daughter Mary Heald; daughter Abigail Brown; daughter Hephzibah Jones.