Person:Robert Taylor (4)

m. 21 SEP 1630
  1. Robert Taylor1633 - 1695
  2. Mary Taylor1638 - 1639-1732
  3. Thomas Taylor1641 - 1647
  4. Richard Taylor1643 - 1644-1733
  5. John Taylor1644/45 - 1660
  6. Thomas TaylorABT 1649 - 1708
m. 16 NOV 1646
  1. Peter Taylor
  • HRobert Taylor1633 - 1695
  • WMary HayesABT 1642 - 1727/28
m. ABT. 1663
  1. Alice TaylorABT 1662 - BEF 1729
  2. Rachel Taylor1664 - 1703-1759
  3. Isaac Taylor1666 - 1717
  4. Josiah Taylor1667/68 - 1700
  5. Josiah Taylor1668 - 1700
  6. Phebe Taylor1670 - 1749
  7. Thomas Taylor1672 - 1672/73
  8. Mary Taylor1673/74 - 1705
  9. Mary Taylor1673/74 - 1705
  10. Thomas Taylor1675/76 - 1725
  11. Jonathan Taylor1678 - 1709
  12. Jonathan Taylor1678 - 1709
  13. Martha Taylor1680 -
  14. Jacob Taylor1683 - 1742
  15. Jacob TaylorABT 1684 - 1742
Facts and Events
Name[1] Robert Taylor
Gender Male
Birth[2] 7 Dec 1633 Clatterwick, Little Leighs, Cheshire, England
Alt Birth[9][7][8] 7 Dec 1633 Clatterwick, Little Leigh, Cheshire, England
Other[7][8] 7 Dec 1633 Great Budworth ChurchReligion:
Alt Birth? 7 Dec 1633 Little Leigh,,Cheshire,England
Ancestral File Number 1THC-86
Christening? 15 Dec 1633 Little Leighs, Cheshire, England
Baptism[4] 15 Dec 1633 Great Budworth Church, Cheshire, England Fact 1
Marriage 16 NOV 1646 Newport, Rhode Islandto Mary Hodges
Alt Marriage 1661 Cheshire, Englandto Mary Hayes
Marriage ABT. 1663 Clatterwich, Cheshire, Englandto Mary Hayes
Alt Marriage 1663 Little Leigh,,Cheshire,Englandto Mary Hayes
Other[5] 3 Mar 1680/81 Deed Says He Received 1000 Acres In Pa For 20 Pounds From William PennFact 2
Other[7][8] 3 Mar 1680/81 Philadelphia, Pa.Ship:
Other[6] 11 Nov 1682 Returned Warrant for SurveyFact 3
Death[3] 14 Apr 1695 Elverson, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Alt Death[7][8] 14 Apr 1695 Elverson, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Other[7][8] 16 May 1695 Springfield Twp., Delaware (now Chester), PaAKA:

Gail has that Robert Taylor had come out to PA the year before to secure land.

  "Robert Taylor and 28 others were indicted at the Guarter Sessions in Chester, January, 1662, for unlawfully assembling together at the House of John Dove in Coddington within the County aforesaid, the 19th Day of November last past, upon Pretence of joining together in religious Worship of God."  For this offence they were fined two pounds and ten shillings each, and refusing to pay were sent to prison for three months."  This from Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Chester and Delaware Counties, Pennsylvania.  pp. 589-590.

Taken from Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Chester and Delaware Counties, Pennsylvania, p. 590. "

  Among the purchasers of land from William Penn was Robert Taylor, of Little Leigh, in the County Palatine of Chester, husbandman, to who Penn conveyed one thousand acres of unlocated land in Pennsylvania, by deeds of lease and release, dated 2d and 3d of March 1681, for the sum of 20 pounds.  Clutterwick appears to have been a hamlet in Little Leigh, according to "Leycester's Historical Antiquities," published in 1673.
  In a Registry of arrivals in possession of the Pennsylvania Historical Society, it is stated that the "Endeavour" of London, George Thorp, master, arrived here the 29th of 7th month 1683.  "Mary Taylor, late of Clatterwitch in Cheshire, came in ditto shipp: children: Isaak, Tho; Jona; Pheb; Mary & Martha Taylor."  Robert Taylor, the father, had come over the previous year and must have brought his eldest daughter and second son with him.  Tradition says that he brought Rachel to prevent her marriage to a person not approved by him.
  Of the land purchased in England, a tract of 400 acres was surveyed Nov. 11, 1682, on Crum creek, in Springfield Twp.  Of the remainder 550 acres were located Oct. 30, 1683 on Darby creek, in Marple Twp.  Robert Taylor settled on the Springfield tract and there died in April or May of 1695."

K. William Bailey has: born at Little Leigh, Clatterwich parish, Cheshire, England. Robert was a "First Purchaser" of 1,000 acres, meaning he purchased land frm Penn prior to Penn's departure. He apparently arrived sometime in 1682 as he returned a warrant for survey to the surveryor general's office on Nov. 11, 1682.

LDS Ancestral File has birth location as Little Leigh, Cheshire, England and christening Dec. 15, 1633 in Little Leigh. It also has another child, Alice Taylor. There are also two more wives. A Mary Hodges who he married Nov. 16, 1646 in Newport Co., RI and a Hann Wood. If there was a Mary Hodges, I do not think the married this Robert Taylor at age 13.

Lived in Springfield Twp., Chester (now Delaware Co.), PA

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

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