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Robert Hood Tate, Sr.
b.BET 1750 AND 1753 Virginia
m. Bef. 1775
  1. Elizabeth TateBEF 1775 -
  2. James Major TateABT 1778 -
  3. Joseph Tate1778 -
  4. Margaret Tate1779 -
  5. Alexander Tate1780 -
  6. Robert Hood TateABT 1780 -
  7. John Tate1783 -
  8. Mary "Polly" Tate1787 -
  9. Aaron Tate1788 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert Hood Tate, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? BET 1750 AND 1753 Virginia
Marriage Bef. 1775 Prob. Virginiato Margaret McCline
Death? 1796
Alt Birth? of Augusta County, Virginia

Robert Tate was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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13. Robert Hood Tate Sr (c1745, Augusta Co., VA/7-24-1796, Washington Co., VA)/McClung (McCline), Margaret (Mary (Polly) (1745) (my 5th Great-Grandparents)(p.2-3, #3)

Robert Jr. received a land grant of 174 acres in Fincastle Co., VA 13 Dec 1774 on Big Moccasin Creek, No. Fork of Holston River. On 20 Apr 1784 he received a land patent of 250 acres in Washington Co., VA on both sides of Big Moccasin Creek on a spur of Clinch Mountain on the Holston River some 3 miles from Col. John Tate. In 1781 he and his brother Col. John swore allegiance to the U.S. in Washington Co., VA, as was required after the Revolution War. In Nov. 1781 he, Col. John, Wm. Houston, and John Wood were appointed to appraise the estate of Francis Fugate (deceased) who was killed by a fall from his horse and who lived in the Valley when the Tate families arrived. Robert was an Ensign of the Militia in 1786, while his brother John was Lieut. He died testate, 24 Jul 1796. His will executed 29 Jul 1796 to wife Mary. The still, the land I now live on, except the land on SW side of Mill to the line where it crosses Ovelton’s road, then to be given to my sons Joseph, Alexander, Aaron and my daughter Polly. To my sons John and James land SW of Mill, only they to pay my son Robert Tate, wit: Robert Tate Jr, Isaac Tate and John Tate. At a court held in Russell Co., VA., 3 Feb 1807 and proven by the Oath of John Tate and William Fugate, and on motion of Mary Tate, Richard Davis and Colbert Fugate, security for Mary Tate she posted bond of ($2,500.00) adm. With the will annexed granted her. The wit: to this will were, no doubt, the son of John Tate, Robert, John Tate, William Tate and Colbert Fugate (his son-in-law). The Robert Tate of this sketch is the man who was a contemporary with and associated in many court affairs with Col. John Tate. Robert Tate’s will did not mention that most of his children were minors, but they were. On 10 Oct 1816 John Tate and wife Dicey Hogg-, James Tate and wife Ruth Davidson-, Robert Tate and wife Susannah, Alexander Tate and wife Delilah Henderson-, Aaron Tate and wife Betsey Connelly-, and Merideth (Marady) Price and wife Polly Tate- all of Warren Co., TN of the first part to Joseph Tae of Russell Co., VA the home place. The same land this Robert Tate acquired in 1774 and 1784, adj. Richard Davis, and Hullams, wit. John Rodgers and Reuben Berryman. All of the males signed, and Mary (Polly) Tate signed her right of dower to her son Joseph Tate.

15. Joseph (9-11-1778, Botetourt Co., VA)/Floyd, Margaret (p.3,8, #13)
16. Alexander (1780, Washington Co., VA)/Henderson, Delilah (p.3,8-9, #14)
17. James (Major) (1778, Botetourt Co., VA)/Davidson, Ruth (p.3, 9-10, #15) (4th G’Grandparents)
18. Robert Hood (1780, Washington Co., VA)/unknown, Susannah (p.3,10, #16)
19. John (1783, Washington Co., VA)/Hogg, Leodicia (Dicey) (p.3,10-#17)
20. Aaron (1788, Washington Co., VA/c1810)/Connelly, Elizabeth (Becky) (p.3, 12-13, #18) (Fletcher’s 3rd G’Grandparents)
21. Mary (Polly) (1787, Washington Co., VA)/Price, Merrideth (Merideth) (p.3, #19-missing)