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m. 1749
  1. William Rhea, Jr.BET 1749 AND 1755 - 1824
  2. Archibald RheaAbt 1750 - Bef 1774
  3. Ann Rheaabt 1752 - bef 1837
  4. James RheaEst 1753 - 1795
  5. John S. RheaABT 1757 - 1814
  6. Robert Rhea1759 - 1834
  7. Alexander Rheaabt 1760 - 1815
m. Abt. 1781
  1. William Rhea1782 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert Rhea
Gender Male
Birth? 1759 Prob. Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage Abt. 1781 Bath County, Virginiato Martha Meek
Death? 31 Oct 1834 Pocohontas County, Virginia

Robert Rhea was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Robert Rhea in Augusta County, VA

Robert Rhea is referred to as "Robert Rhea of Bath County" in the following record in Augusta County:

  • Vol. 2 - John Rhea vs. William Rhea's heirs--O. S. 45; N. S. 15--Bill filed 19th July, 1804, Augusta. In 1777 orator's brothers were about to leave their father, William Rhea, in order to settle themselves. William applied to John to stay with him. John was drafted for a tour for a year for which he hired a substitute. John married a daughter of Thomas Turk and Wm. promised him land. William died, leaving wife Elizabeth Rhea and children, viz: Alexander, Nancey (now married to Joseph Ritchey); Elizabeth, now married to Robert Rhea; James, Thomas, Margret, Hannah, Polly, Martha, Jane, which Nancy, Elizabeth, James, Thomas, Margret, Hannah, Polly, Martha, John are children df James Rhea, deceased, son of William, and now reside out of the Commonwealth. Hugh Rhea, a child of Archibald Rhea, another son of William also living out of Commonwealth; Robert Rhea, Ann Lockridge and William Rhea, children of William, deceased; John Rhea, another son of said Archibald Rhea, which Robert, Ann, William and John live in the Commonwealth. Deed dated 22d March, 1805, proved in Bath July Court 1805. Robert Rhea, of Bath County, Ann Lockbridge and John Rhea, of Augusta; William, Alexander Robert and Elizabeth, his wife, James, Thomas, Margret, Hannah, Mary, Martha and John Rhea, of Kentucky; Hugh Rhea and Joseph Richey and Nancy, his wife, of Tennessee; all to John of Bath County tract on Mill Creek.

Information on Robert Rhea

Robert Rhea:[William] Born in 1759 in north central Rockbridge Co, VA. At about age eight moved with family to now eastern Bath Co along Mill Creek (near Millboro). About 1781 married Martha Meek. His brother, James, married Martha's sister, Elizabeth. Both families located in then Greenbriar County. He got 102 acres by patent in 1781. Was taxed in 1782. Sold 102 acres to William Ewing on 3 Apr 1802, a witness being son, Robert Rhea, Jr. In 1791 purchased 193 acres at Little Levels, Greenbriar Valley, near the south border of now Pocahontas County. On 20 Apr 1798 he got 378 acres from David Boiler, father of his second wife, then sold to Morrison 25 Dec 1833. His home farm of 47 acres, surveyed in 1798, was close to the Greenbriar River just north of the Pocahontas County line. There are numerous other transactions, a record of which was supplied by Don Strong of Preston, ID. By 1834 the inventory of property at Robert's death incuded 575 acres of land, some perhaps being in Greenbriar County.

The land was left equally to sons, James, David and Alexander, subject to Catharine's life estate. In 1838 Catharine conveyed her life estate "in so much of the real estate as lies in Pocahontas County" to James and David, who in turn sold it for $2,000 to Josiah Beard. Other land was likely retained by Archibald, who continued to share a household with Catharine until between 1840 and 1850, as indicated by the censuses of Pocahontas Co.

About 1790 Martha Meek "went away" with John Ewing, according to a petition of 10 Sep 1793 by Robert to the General Assembly of Virginia for a divorce on grounds of desertion and adultry. A divorce was granted on 22 Nov 1796. In 1798 Robert married Catharine Boiler, a sister of Elizabeth who married Robert's son, William.

In his will dated 15 Oct 1834 Robert left Catharine a life estate in the land in addition to household property, some livestock and some farming equipment. She also got negros Lewis, Ben, Esther and George for her lifetime. At the sale of the land or the death or remarriage of Catharine the following bequeaths were to be made: William - $20; ch of Thomas - $100; Robert - $100; Martha - $150; ch of Samuel - $100; Hannah Callison - $150; Ann Hill -$150. James received some coopering tools; Archibald got a colt and a rifle; David was to get the surplus from livestock sold, net of debts. The land, when sold, was to be divided equally among James, David and Archibald. Catharine's will left each of her sons $1.00 with the rest going to the children of Hannah Callison and to Ann Hill, daughters.

Robert Reagh:[William] Robert was born in 1759 in now northeastern Rockbridge Co, VA, a son of William and Elizabeth. About 1767 he moved to near Millboro in Bath co. He moved to Greenbriar River about 1781 after marriage to Martha Meek. They followed his brother, James and her sister, Elizabeth, there (page 24). He got his first land, 102 acres, in 1781 and continued to buy and sell land for many years. He got his homesite land, 47 acres, in 1798. This with other land totaled to 575 acres at his death in 1824. After county realignments most of his land was in Pocahontas County (now) WV. He, like several of his brothers, used a few slaves to help with the farmwork.

Robert's first marriage lasted until 22 Nov 1796 when he was granted a divorce by the General Assembly of Virginia. There were five children. Robert secondly married Catherine Boiler, whose father, David, sold Robert some land. They had seven children. Catherine was a sister of the wife of Robert's son, William. Although WV was not a state until 1763 [1863], it is considered the birthplace of the children.

Robert Reagh b:1759 VA d: 31 Oct 1834 WV
m1: Martha Meek b: VA
Par: Thomas and Agnes (Nancy) Meek of Augusta Co, VA
Thomas b:e1781 WV d:e1817 KY
William b: 30 Oct 1782 WV d: 3 Mar 1855 OH
Robert b: 13 Jul 1785 WV d: 15 Aug 1847 KY
Samuel H. b: 1786 WV d: 19 Feb 1871 WV
Martha b: 1789 WV d: KY
m2: Catherine Boiler b:13 Nov 1774 VA d: 22 Sep 1856 WV m: 25 Oct 1798
Par: Thomas and Nancy (Agnes) Fisher, Bath Co, VA
James b: 25 Apr 1799 WV d: by 1818 MO
Nancy b: 19 Mar 1801 WV d: 18 Jul 1805 WV
Elizabeth b: 7 Sep 1803 WV d: 21 Jul 1805 WV
Hannah b: 5 Apr 1806 WV d: by 1856 WV
Anne b: 4 Apr 1809 WV d: WV
David b: 12 Sep 1811 d: 6 Jun 1865 IA
Archibald b: 5 Jun 1818 WV d: 14 Sep 1902 MO