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Robert F. Fleischman
m. Bef. 1730
  1. Peter Fleischman, Jr.ABT 1730 - 1814
  2. Barbara FleischmanABT 1732 -
  3. John FleischmanABT 1734 -
  4. Robert F. FleischmanABT 1735 - 1798
  5. Catherine FleischmanABT 1736 -
  6. Elizabeth FleischmanABT 1738 -
m. abt. 1755
  1. Samuel Fleshman1761 - 1819
  2. Moses Fleshman1761 - 1847
  3. John Fleischmann1764 - 1853
  4. Mary Fleischmann1765 - 1853
  5. Rachel Fleischmann1767 - 1828
  6. Susannah Fleischmannabt 1770 - abt 1840
  7. Sarah 'Sally' Fleischmannabt 1775 -
  8. Elizabeth Fleischmannabt 1776 - aft 1850
  9. Michael Fleischmann1776 -
  10. Jesse Fleischmannabt 1779 - bet 1812-1815
Facts and Events
Name Robert F. Fleischman
Alt Name Robert Fleischmann
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] ABT 1735 Culpeper County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1755 Virginiato Dorothy Baumgardner
Death[2] 19 March 1798 Greenbrier County, Virginia
  1. Blankenbaker, John (e-mail: Thomas Wayland (Wieland), Immigrant to Virginia prior to 1720, and related lines. (P.O. Box 120, Chadds Ford, PA 19317-0120).

    19. Robert4 Fleischmann ((Johann) Peter3, Ziriakus2, Veltin1) was born Abt. 1735, and died Abt. 1797 in Greenbrier County, VA. He married Dorothy Baumgardner, daughter of Frederick Baumgardner and Catherine ?.

    Peter Fleshman made a deed of gift of 117 acres to his son Robert in 1763. On 18 May 1773 Adam Broil and Mary his wife deeded 290 acres to Robert Fleshman [Culpeper County Deed Book F, p. 686] and on 18 August 1777 Robert Fleshman and Dorothy his wife deeded 80 acres to Elliott Bohannon [Deed Book O, p. 311] Robert Fleshman was a communicant at Hebron Church in 1775, but the records there show the birth of only one child, in 1776, and his children do not seem to have been members of that church. In the 1776 birth record the child is recorded as son of "Robin" and Dorothy fleshman. Robin apparently was a nickname by which he was known. "Reuben" Fleshman and Moses Fleshman [son of Robert] were witnesses to the will of John Deer, Dorothy Fleshman's stepfather, in 1781, but it is probable that "Reuben" here is a miscopying of "Robin" though it is possible that Reuben was also a son of Robert. It seems improbably as there is no further record of a Reuben Fleshman.
    Robert Fleshman and Samuel Fleshman [apparently another son] appear in the same group in the militia of Culpeper County in 1781, the so-called "Culpeper Classes," and Robert is shown with another son, Moses, in his family in the tithables of 1783. Moses is shown as under 21 in this list, but this is apparently an error, as his pension record shows that he was born in 1759.
    Robert is shown in the Culpeper County tithables 1782-1787, and disappears after this year. The land books of Culpeper show him as the owner of 217 acres, through 1787, after which he is not listed, indicating that he had moved away by that year. He actually moved to Greenbrier County, but does not appear in the tithables there until 1793. Another son, John Fleshman, is shown in the Greenbrier County tithables beginning with 1795, and Robert's sons Moses and Samuel also appear there.
    Robert is shown with 2 tithables in 1796 and 1797, indicating another son, b. ca 1779. This son was probably Jesse Fleshman, who appears as an independent tithable in 1799 and 1800, but disappears after that date. Robert last appears in 1797, and died about 1797 or 1798. It is evident that his whole family moved to Greenbrier County. Morton's HISTORY OF MONROE COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA, p. 343, states :"The cousins Peter, Michael and Elijah Fleshman of German descent came from Madison County, Virginia about 1804. But Elijah moved to Greenbrier County, where there are many of his descendants." This statement seems to be in error in several respects. Michael Fleshman who moved to Monroe County was the eldest son of John Fleshman, and the Peter Fleshman who moved to Monroe County seems to have been his uncle, Peter Fleshman. Michael had a son, Elijah Fleshman, but he never appears in Greenbrier County, and the reference must be to Michael's uncle, Robert Fleshman, and his sons, all of whom left progeny in Greenbrier, now in West Virginia.

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