Person:Richard Farrell (2)

Richard Farrell
Facts and Events
Name Richard Farrell
Gender Male
Christening[1] 20 Apr 1846 Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland
Marriage 6 May 1872 Dublin, County Dublin, IrelandSt Kevin's Roman Catholic Church, Harrington Street
to Margaret Reid
Death[2] 1889 Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

Richard Farrell was baptised on 20th April 1846 at Nenagh in County Tipperary, the son of Michael Farrell and Catherine (or Kate) Mackey. The family later moved to Dublin - Richard's marriage record from 1872 says that his parents were living at 1 Astons Quay in Dublin at the time of his marriage. Richard was married on 6th May 1872, aged about 25, to a Margaret Reid, who was 27. Richard had a brother called John, who would go on to marry Margaret's sister Rosanna three years later.

Richard and Margaret had ten children together between 1873 and 1887.

Both Margaret and Richard probably died between 1887 and 1901 - several of their children appear living together in the 1901 census, but there is no sign of the parents, suggesting that the parents had died and the eldest sister was left looking after her younger siblings. It seems most likely that Richard died in 1889, aged about 42.

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    Name: Richard Farrell
    Date of birth / baptism: 20 Apr 1846
    Parish: Nenagh, County Tipperary
    Denomination: Roman Catholic
    Father: Michael Farrell
    Mother: Kate MacKey
    Sponsors: Jas Carry & Anne Fahy

  2. Deaths index, in General Register Office of Ireland. Civil Registration, Primary quality.

    d. Richard FARRELL, September Quarter 1889, Dublin South Registration District, Vol. 2, page 478, aged 44 [1844/5]

    Alternatively (although less likely given age):
    d. Richard FARRELL, March Quarter 1888, Dublin North Registration District, Vol. 2, page 522, aged 30 [1857/8]
    d. Richard FARRELL, March Quarter 1899, Dublin South Registration District, Vol. 2, page 728, aged 60 [1838/9]
    d. Richard FARRELL, June Quarter 1891, Dublin North Registration District, Vol. 2, page 394, aged 30 [1860/1]