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Richard Bohannon
b.11 December 1748 Virginia
m. est. 1740
  1. John Bohannonabt 1740 -
  2. Ambrose BohannonABT 1741 - BEF 1798
  3. James Bohannon1742 - 1807
  4. Elliott Bohannonbef 1745 -
  5. Mildred Bohannonabt 1744 - 1805
  6. Richard Bohannon1748 - 1814
Facts and Events
Name Richard Bohannon
Gender Male
Birth? 11 December 1748 Virginia
Alt Birth? 11 DEC 1748
Death? 1814 Jefferson Co, KY

Richard Bohannon was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 357.--31st March, 1779. Ambrose (mark) Powell's will--His rifle pin left with John Offill to be given to Jacob Gilasby, son of Jacob Gilasby. To all brothers and sisters, residuaries, except Sarah Haines and her two children. Stephen and Dicey Haines, who are to have an equal part with his brothers and sisters. Executor, Richard Bohannon. Teste: Robert Gaines, John Offill, James Bohannon. Proved, 16th August, 1783. by Gains and Buchnnan. Executors qualified.
  • Page 428.-(undated, abt. 1786/87)-Teste: Richard Bohannon, Francis Crutchfield, Thos Hansford.