Person:Richard Ball (1)

Richard Ball, of Baltimore Co., MD
b.ABT 1644 Norfolk Co., VA
m. 2 Jul 1638
  1. Capt. William Ball, II1641 - 1694
  2. Richard Ball, of Baltimore Co., MDABT 1644 - 1677
  3. Col. Joseph Ball, of St. Mary's White Chapel Parish1649 - bef 1711
  4. Hannah Ball1650 - aft 1702
  • HRichard Ball, of Baltimore Co., MDABT 1644 - 1677
  • WElizabeth LintonABT 1651 - ABT 1672
  1. Ailing Ball
  2. John Ballest 1672 - 1722
  • HRichard Ball, of Baltimore Co., MDABT 1644 - 1677
  • WMary Kinsey
m. ABT 1661
  1. Hannah Ball
Facts and Events
Name Richard Ball, of Baltimore Co., MD
Gender Male
Alt Birth? Abt 1639 Barkham Manor, Berkshire, England
Alt Birth? ABT 1639 Lancaster County, Virginia
Birth? ABT 1644 Norfolk Co., VA
Alt Birth[1] 1645 Barkham Manor, Barkham, Berkshire, England
Marriage ABT 1661 to Mary Kinsey
Death? 1677
Alt Death? 1676/77 , Richmond, Virginia
Ancestral File Number FN92-CW
Alt Death[1] 1677 Richmond,, Virginia, United States
Alt Death? 1677 Petapsco, Baltimore, MD
Alt Death? ABT 1684 Norfolk County, Virginia
Ancestral File Number T6SQ-24
Ancestral File Number SQ16-NP
Vital Records

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'Early Settlers of Lee Co., VA', p. 711, gives the following quote about the history of the Ball family in Virginia, but does not connect them with Richard or any of his descendents: 'The first ancestor of the well-known Ball family of VA was Colonel William Ball, who was born about 1615, died Nov. 1680, at Millenbeck, Lancaster Co., VA. He came with his family in 1650, and settled at the north of Corotonian river in Lancaster Co., VA. 'One of his sons later known as Colonel Joseph Ball, as married three times, and by his third marriage about 1675, with Margaret, daughter of Rawleigh Downman, had Joseph, later Captain Joseph Ball, b. 1680, d. 1721. He married Mary Spencer, daughter of General George Washington. Their eldest son was Spencer Mottrom Ball. 'No relationship has been found or established between the above Ball family and the Balls that migrated to Southwestern VA, but it is likely that all the Virginia Balls descent from the original stock of the prominent Ball Family of Great Britain.'

Hill, p. 44-45; Cuckro, p. 9-10 (#3)

See: "A Forgotten Member of the Ball Family" (Anonymous), The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 7, No. 4, p. 440-441 (April, 1900) and Vol. 8, No. 80-8x (July, 1900).

See: Mrs. William Montgomery Sweeny, "Colonel William Ball, of Balleston, Maryland, And Millenbeck, Virginia, Great-Grandfather of George Washington", Genealogies of Virginia Families From Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Vol. 1, p. 74-80 (Baltimore: Clearfield Publishing Co., 2004).

Earliest Virginia Records:

2 JUN 1657. Land Patent to Dominick Theriott of Lancaster County, land on Clapham's Creek and adjacent to Edwin Conway, due for importation of 32 persons, including William Ball FOUR TIMES, and Richard Ball. (Nugent Vol. I, p. 347-348, citing PB 4, p. 102.)

16 May 1658. Dominick Theriott, deed to Richard Ball for a black heifer marked with a crop & a slit on the right ear, and a slit under keel on the left. Witnessed by Thomas Stevens and Thomas Roots. (DW 2, p. 154).

27 NOV 1658. William Ball and Richard Ball were witnesses to a deed from Enock Hawker to John Dickenson of a 3 year old red heifer. (DW 2, p. 174).

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