Person:Rene Landry (3)

René Landry, le jeune
  • HRené Landry, le jeuneAbt 1634 - ABT 1692
  • WMarie BernardABT 1645 - 1719
m. Abt 1659
  1. Antoine LandryABT 1660 - bef 1711
  2. Madeleine Landry1662 -
  3. Claude LandryABT 1663 - abt 1747
  4. Cecile LandryABT 1664 - 1741
  5. Jean LandryABT 1666 - BEF 1753
  6. Rene Landry, IIABT 1668 - AFT 1740
  7. Marie LandryABT 1671 - 1746
  8. Marguerite LandryABT 1673 - AFT 1713
  9. Germain LandryABT 1674 -
  10. Jeanne LandryABT 1676 - 1710
  11. Abraham LandryABT 1678 - AFT 1732
  12. Pierre LandryABT 1680 - AFT 1731
  13. Catherine LandryABT 1682 - 1754
  14. Anne LandryABT 1684 -
  15. Charles (dit Charlot) LandryABT 1688 - 1727
  16. Elisabeth LandryABT 1690 - AFT 1709
Facts and Events
Name René Landry, le jeune
Alt Name René Landry, dit le Cadet
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1634 La Chaussée, Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France
Immigration[4] 1653 from France to Port Royal, Acadia
Marriage Abt 1659 , , , Franceto Marie Bernard
Death? ABT 1692 Port Royal, , , Acadia
Burial[3] Port Royal, Acadie

"Les Landry en Acadie remontent à deux souches. Ironiquement, ces deux ancêtres ne semblent pas avoir été parents même s'ils portaient le même prénom, René. C'est René le jeune, né vers 1634, qui, par son mariage vers 1659 avec Marie Bernard, est devenu le progéniteur des Landry des provinces Maritimes."[5]

The elder René Landry is Person:Rene Landry (1).

!BIRTH-MARRIAGE-CHILDREN: Bona Arsenault, HISTOIRE ET GENEALOGIE DES ACADIENS; 1625-1810; Ottawa, Editions Lemeac, 1978, 6 vols.; pp. 623-624 (Port Royal); own copy. René LANDRY, born in 1634, "came from France with his wife" (footnote reference: Father Archange Godbout in his manuscript DICTIONNAIRE DES ACADIENS, preserved at the Quebec Archives, p. 423. Gaudet adds that the mother of Rene' was Marie SALE'. But, on the 1671 census, a Marie SALE' is mentioned as being "widow of the deceased Jean-Claude." Moreover, Placide Godbout indicates that the mother of his wife, Marie BERNARD, is Andre'e GUION. His father could not have been Andre' BERNARD, one of Latour's men, spared by D'Aulnay on the taking of Fort Jemseg, on St. Jean river in 1745, who had married Andre'e GUION?

  Another footnote on p. 623 adds that Rene' LANDRY was the second of the LANDRY name to leave descendants in Acadia. His name does not appear in the 1671 census, where only the other Rene' LANDRY is listed, called "aine'" (elder) which supposes the presence at this time in Acadia of another Rene'. The younger Rene' was enscribed for the first time on the census of 1678.

!PARENTS: Parentage disputed in ACADIAN GENEALOGY EXCHANGE, vol. 11, no. 1 (Apr 1993). Another article by Stephen White in AGE, vol. 23, no. 3 (July 1994) also discusses the lack of close relationship between the two Renes.

!CENSUS: 1678, Clarence J. d'Entremont, "Recensement de Port-Royal," in MEMOIRES DE LA SOCIETE GENEALOGIQUE CANADIENNE-FRANCAISE; vol. 22, no. 4; p. 233; sent by PERSI in Jun 1999. On Folio 20: Rene LANDRY & Marie BERNARD, with four boys and 6 girls. They have 12 arpents of land, with 20 head of cattle.

!CENSUS: 1686, Port Royal, Acadia, "Recensement fait par Monsieur De Meulles;" 1686; France, Minister of the Colonies, Archives; p. ; microfilm from LDS Family History Library. Rene' LANDRY 52, living with Marie BERNARD 42; twelve children ages 23 to 2. They had guns, 10 arpens workable land, 16 cattle and 20 sheep.

!DEATH: Descendancy Chart sent by Donald J. LANDRY in Jun 1995. Bona Arcensult [sic] states that René died in c. 1692. Shirley LaRochelle claims that René died in 1683 at age 53 in Port Royal. [Check for parish records.]

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